Key Strategies Used By Criminal Lawyers To Win Cases For Clients

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When you get embroiled in a criminal case, the best idea is getting an attorney to defend you. Lawyers know the law in its entirety and have huge experience in dealing with similar cases both in and out of court. However, many people keep asking about the strategies that attorneys use to win cases. In this post, we outline most useful strategies that your NJ criminal lawyer will use for your case.

Using the truth to build your case

This is the best method when the defendant is not guilty but has found him/herself in the court facing criminal charges. In such a situation, the attorney will map the truth so that the judge can see the actual truth and rule in favor of the defendant. For example, if the defendant vehicle was being used by thieves to get away with committing a crime, the attorney may demonstrate using facts that the defendant reported the crime immediately. The attorney could also demonstrate that the defendant tried withdrawing from a crime scene before it was committed. To build a conclusive story, the defendant must tell the truth. 

Bringing witnesses who can help to strengthen the case

A witness is an invaluable asset in any court proceeding. If you are accused of breaking into a car and stealing belongings, eye witnesses can help to debunk truth. They can say what they saw and convince the judge that you are innocent. For example, if you have been accused wrongly of breaking into a neighbor’s car because no one else was seen entering the compound, the attorney can call the people you had gone out with on that day. This will put you in a different area away from the crime scene.

Pre-court coaching

When an attorney is dealing with a client who has never been in a courtroom, there are risks of panic when judges and other attorneys pose questions. Some people end up forgetting things they had planned to say in court because of the intimidating environment. To help you understand the court situation, defense attorneys coach witnesses on how to answer questions directed to them. This builds courage, confidence, and makes the presentation look credible in the eye of judges.  

Using mediation

Getting through a court process can be very bruising. It exposes both parties in a manner that could bring a lot of shame thereafter. Good NJ criminal lawyer will always work on alternative methods of solving cases out of court. While it will be a matter of give and take, both parties are spared public exposure, cutting associated costs, and finishing the case faster. In many cases, negotiations leave the opposing parties friends because they are party to the decision. However, the court’s running would only favor one side and leave the other side with a lot of anger.


In criminal cases, your JN criminal lawyer will use various strategies to make sure that your argument is strong, sensible, and reliable. Besides, they ensure that everything you present is based on law. Note that because every criminal case is unique, the strategies adopted by an attorney may differ.