Knotte Bed Sheets -- Providing Organic Bed Sheets

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Knotte is a famous enterprise which specializes in the production of organic cotton bed sheets. It was started by David and Minna. They established Knotte with the intent of creating something which is organic and can be utilized by everyone. The journey of Knotte is an inspiring one with humble beginnings that continues to inspire people in creating or starting their own business ventures that not only aims to make profits but also to make lives more comfortable and healthier for people.

Another reason for their popularity is because they are not only silky and soft, but also the organic cotton bed sheets are not treated chemically. This ensures that they retain their beautiful colour whilst also preventing the occurrence of any allergy or injury to the body.

The organic cotton bed sheets are made of 100% pure cotton and are hand-picked. They traditionally has jersey-knit sleeping surface and comes with SKAL pure 100% cotton certification. This certification guarantees that the organic cotton bed sheets were not grown or cultivated with GM seeds and the field or land was not exposed to insecticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. What's more, the organic cotton bed sheets are packed in bio-degradable bags which are made from corn movie and hemp. To generate further information on knotte bed sheets kindly go to

Quite a large number of customers rate the organic cotton bed sheets very highly as they allow them to sleep in comfort while blocking moisture. They prevent sweating which enables one to get a pleasant night's sleep. Also, these organic cotton bed sheets do not include any antibacterial treatments or latex. As such, they make sure the users aren't exposed to any harm unintentionally.

The Knotte bed sheets are 100% organic and made from pure cotton right from the seed into the sheet. The cotton is hand-picked after five months and thus, it reduces the stress on the cotton. After the cotton is chosen, the workers promptly load it on trucks and brought to the company's solar-powered factory to process further. The cotton is then machine-processed before they are woven. Finally, before being woven into bed sheets, the cotton is kept on spools.