Know Everything about African Art

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African Art is the visual arts of native Africa especially Sub-Saharan Africa. It includes painting pottery, sculpture, textiles, masks, rock art, jewelry and personal decoration.

Characteristics of African Art

It is not easy to mention the characteristics of Africa Art. There are various forms and practices which cannot be determined to only one type. Similar to Western Art, African Art has value as political and ideological significance, entertainment and is instrumental in ritual context. Some of these arts are aesthetically pleasing while some are more educating. A work of Africa art combines some of the above mentioned elements.

There are many part time and full time artists who dedicate their valuable time for the sake of these African arts. Some of the art forms can be made by anyone while some other requires dedication and determination.

When it comes to African Sculpture then the material that is used is wood. Apart from wood there are other various materials like pottery, iron, ivory, unfired clay, stone, copper alloys. Unfired clay is most beautiful and widely used material in Africa continent but as it is very hard to collect and also the material is fragile so it is ignored by many artists.

The world has witnessed an increased rise in the value of the African Arts. Although it was unacceptable in the earlier stages by naming it as academic art people started accepting it because of its novelty and aesthetic appearance.

When people think of investments, African art is more affordable. People can invest small amount and gain results in 10 to 20 years. Jewelry is the popular form of art in Africa. People love to design various forms of Jewelry with different materials. African Jewelry is made of materials like haematite, coconut shell, Tiger’s eye stone, ebony wood and beads.

African Art is very famous in American and European countries. The value of art is more than just economic value. It educates the people and enhances their life in various ways. Now-a-days many investors are interested to invest in African art and encourage the upcoming artists. This way new talent is encouraged and is gained appreciation from all over the world.

Arts have become a platform for the Africans to tell their stories and they want to preserve their stories in the form of arts. They want their next generations to remember and understand their story.