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Bona fide direction Attorney Robert Pascal is an abutting Floridian, brought up in Fort Lauderdale. For whatever time span that (20) twenty-years, he has dismembered and honed in the locales of: Immigration, International Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law, Corporations, Business Law, Trademarks and Probate through his own specific glorious Law Offices of Robert A Pascal. He has strong jury trial relationship in the Florida Circuit Courts supervising both criminal and focal trials. He is totally bilingual in English and Spanish, and gives a more noticeable bit of his accessibility to serving the Hispanic Community.

What Mr. Lawyer Robert Pascal offers is a fluctuating foundation of experience and finding that he passes on to his customers. He can see certifiable issues that particular legitimate educators hustled into one zone of law may slight. What the customers like the most about Attorney Robert Pascal is that he is extremely worried over his customers, and he isn't precisely starting late controlled with cash related get. Mr. Pascal treats each customer with a practically identical sporadic state of regard, without respect to their budgetary or edifying foundation. When you change into a customer of our office your record isn't seen by a number, yet by your name. You wind up being a touch of our more blocked off family, and will be vivacious to profit to us later for extra genuine affiliations. Mr. Pascal speculates meeting you, and helping you to pick your great 'ol designed issues. Impedance for a minute to consider Attorney Robert Pascal organizing and encounter recorded underneath.

Since 1991, the Law Offices of Robert A. Pascal, P.A. have been giving a wide show of specific extraordinary 'ol framed relationship to customers in the United States and abroad. It has been Mr. Pascal's safeguard to give individualized care concerning each customer. Each customer is known by their name and not a record number.

The Law Firm of Robert A. Pascal, P.A. is generally arranged in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and has been giving sound reliable portrayal since 1991. Our law office has an essential fixation in Immigration law, with subordinate portrayal in the degrees of: general law, criminal, change criminal, corporate, business, family law, probate and individual shrewdness.

We concentrate on giving outcome composed relationship to the more prominent piece of our customers. We can coordinate even the most complex cases through our vitality for a set up genuine advisor make. Attempt not to dither to interface with us to get the true blue attract you to legitimize. We are designed in South Florida, serving customers from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Sunrise, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach and including spaces. A legitimate counsel can meet with you and talk about your most private issues in the security of our workplaces. Our customers are fundamentally known by their names and not by record numbers.


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