Living the Hollywood Life One Step at a Time

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Following your dreams is a common aspiration when you have a blank canvas in front of you. Maybe you’re young, ambitious and are looking for adventure or perhaps you just want something new. The lure of Hollywood looms larger than ever for those who wish to be a star. For some, it’s a goal that seems almost unattainable, however, many who started in the industry can attest to the fact that there are ways to get noticed if you work hard. If you’re looking for acting jobs in Los Angeles, there are a few things you can do to narrow down your search.


Finding a Casting Company


Nobody wants to beg for work, least of all someone who has his or her heart set on gracing the big screens. That’s why finding a casting company who is experienced at finding casting calls in LA is a good place to start. Not only can these companies find roles tailored to your age and gender, but they can also recommend agents and other industry professionals who can help you train and build a resume. Casting companies are always on the lookout for acting jobs in Los Angeles and constantly advertising roles. All you have to do is look for one that might suit you.


Fitting the Criteria


Working with a casting company opens you up to information you might not have were you pursuing the search on your own. Casting calls sometimes don’t advertise the specifics of who they’re looking for in an effort to minimize the choice pool. However, if you’re working with a casting company, you’ll know that the role calls for a tall brunette with tattoos, but also one with a Southern accent. Not having all the information sets you up for not getting a call back, and no aspiring actor or actress wants the dreaded rejection notice. Making sure you fit the part will open you up to more opportunities.


Knowing Your Role


Casting calls in LA are easy enough to find, but many of them will just provide a basic synopsis of the job. Good chances are, many of them are going to be for improvisation or live theater work so you can start with a smaller audience. Being hooked up with a casting company will give you a chance to get details about the performance before you commit to the role. For instance, you might know that you would be required to work in a store, but what you wouldn’t know is that it’s a children’s toy store. Don’t wait until you can’t back out to get all the information you want.


Gaining Industry Experience


Even if you don’t get any roles from working with a casting company, it will at least expose you to the industry in a safe way. For every success story, there is a story where an aspiring actor or actress got more than he or she bargained for because they started with the wrong business. Finding a reputable casting company that works with casting calls in LA ensures you a smooth transition into Hollywood and better navigation of the inevitable bumps in the road.