Market Research on Warehousing and Cold Storage Sector in India

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India’s warehousing and cold chain sector is still developing in comparison with other countries. Driven by an increase in production and organised retail, the warehousing sector is the major segment contributing towards the growth and competitiveness of Indian logistics industry. Cold Chain industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16 percent until 2016-17. India’s e-commerce retail market is also growing at a fast pace. Also the report provides the information on the upcoming Indian and World projects on warehousing and cold storage facilities, including critical decision making parameters such as risk factors and SWOT ****ysis. 10% of the report is customisable as per customer requirements.


Executive Summary

Section 1 – Market Research on Oil and Gas Sector
 Chapter 1 – Secondary Research
 1.1 Market Overview 
 1.2 Current Market Scenario
 1.2.1 Top three Oil Refineries in World 
 1.2.2 Top three Oil Refineries in India 
 1.2.3 Comparison
 1.2.4 Developmental Oil Refineries in India 
 1.3 Historic and Future Demand for Oil Refineries 
 1.4 Present Government of India Policy on Oil Refineries 
 1.5 List of Regulatory Approvals 
 1.6 SWOT ****ysis
 1.7 Recommendations

 List Of Tables
 Table 1: Refinery Capacities
 Table 2: Refining capacity of World, India and Tamil Nadu
 Table 3: Comparison of Top Oil Refinery in India
 Table 4: Comparison of Top Oil Refinery in World
 Table 5: Refining Capacity and Refinery Crude Throughput
 Table 6: Impor of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
 Table 7: Export of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products
 Table 8: Present Government Policy on Refining Capacity
 Table 9: Projection of Petroleum Product
 Table 10: Under recovery on Petroleum Products
 Table 11: Sales Volume of Public Sector Units
 Table 12: Fiscal Subsidy
 Table 13: Rates of Sales Taxes/VAT
 Table 14: Usage
 Table 15: Regulatory Approvals

 List Of Figures
 Figure 1: Global Oil Scenario
 Figure 2: Refining Capacity Region Wise
 Figure 3: Petroleum and other Liquids Production and Consumption 

 Companies Mentioned

 Paraguana Refining Centre, Venezuela 
 Ulsan Refinery, South Korea 
 Yeosu Refining, South Korea 
 Reliance Industries Limited , India 
 Essar Oil Limited, India
 Mangalore Refinery, India 
 Paradip Refinery, India 


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