Medcrave Open Access Journals – Worthy Contribution To Science

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Medcrave online is an open access publishing library group dedicated to serving the scientific community. It is rooted to break any barriers which come in the way of learning. With that dedication, Medcrave gives access to all of the scientific material in its library at no cost, unlike others which offer optional open access. Research scholars face a lot of pressure to get relevant scientific and research material for their course work. So Medcrave provides articles from different disciplines under one roof for easy access.

Broader audience

If you are searching for journals to submit your article Medcrave is the best publishing library group with its peer-reviewed panel. It places the authors at the heart of its organization and provides incentives to keep them motivated. It helps scholars and students to progress by making advancement in science.

Young minds are influenced by bringing cutting edge research work in open access journals of Medcrave. It checks the facts before publishing to see if the scientific facts are valid. The papers which are peer reviewed are edited following transparent policies. Publishing with Medcrave allows your work to have a broader audience. The process of submission to publication is a fast process at Medcrave without any technical delays.

Medcrave gathers all scientific content and makes it available to users in easy formats like PDF, e-books, and audio files. They are easy to download and can be shared and used anywhere without paying any fee to the author or journal group. Citation of the author in reference pages is a mandatory rule to be followed when using the articles. Rumors about Medcrave predatory publisher can be put to rest owing to the fact that it never made an appearance in the predatory publisher's list.

Medcrave online publishing believes in celebrating the contribution of authors by giving them awards. Students are encouraged to do excellent research work by selecting best paper of the year and giving them reward for it. Researchers are also celebrated for their work at Medcrave by giving them grant money to pursue their research.

To bring together all the bright minded people together Medcrave organizes conferences to discuss the ongoing research. Waivers are given on conferences to encourage students to do authentic scientific work. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and rejected if anyone copies the work of others. The Medcrave predatory publisher hoax is not true as it follows strict rules and guidelines while publishing.

A group of experienced staff who are dedicated to the excellence in research are appointed in the peer-review system at review manuscripts sent by authors. Registration can be done to avail free review for all articles submissions. Lesser known works are made reprints to publicize the author’s works. Reprints give the author some profits to carry on new research.

Publishing with Medcrave helps in improving the visibility of your work worldwide as its content is openly accessed by one and all. Your journey into the scientific world is made memorable with Medcrave online publishing library groups.