Mediterranean Diet May Help Women Live Longer, Healthier Lives

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A lot depends on the diet if you are trying to live a healthy and long life. Women especially should take more care of what they put into their body. Over the years, scientists have experimented with many kinds of diets to find the most suitable diet for a healthier life. Women who follow the Mediterranean diet are found to be 40 times healthier than the women who do not.

In a recent study that was conducted on middle aged women it is found that women who eat heart-healthy Mediterranean diet are 40 times more likely to live over the age of 70 years. The health of women and its connection with their diet has always being a matter of discussion and people are trying to know more about the issue. As a woman you are twice more like to be affected from body weight related issues as compared to men, and it becomes necessary that you are careful regarding your health and its well being.

In the medical study it was found that the women who ate healthy not only lived longer but also thrived with higher quality of life. What it means is women who stick to a healthy diet in their middle lives are very less likely to develop any chronic disease and are very less likely to have any impairment related to their physical, mental or thinking functioning. So now it is medically proven that there is a link between better eating and living a longer and healthier life.

Speaking on the importance of Mediterranean diet Dr. Samieri, who conducted the research on more than 10,000 women and published the results in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, said-

"The Mediterranean diet is characterized by greater intake of [fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains] and fish; lower intake of red and processed meats; moderate intake of alcohol; higher amounts of [monounsaturated fats, mostly provided by olive oil from Mediterranean countries]; and lower amounts of [saturated fats."

The saturated fats are the actively present most baked goods, fatty meats and other foods. Intake of saturated fats can badly affect the health of women, especially their heart and increases the body fat.

What you should do

Making a healthy change in your lifestyle is mandatory as poor diet can affect your health badly. As of now, most of the diseases related to women’s health are somewhat connected to their poor diet. While most of the studied conducted are still in the research phase, still the evidences are alarming as to what happens when women are not careful about their diet.

This is why you need to be careful with your diet and stick to healthy, fat free food. Avoid intake of junk food and caffeine and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. According to Dr. Samieri, "We know that healthier behaviors in women, and men, become a pattern, and thus a lifestyle that promotes health."

Therefore you need to be careful to include only healthy food in your diet. 


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