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Understanding website designing is a tough task. If you truly want to understand the website designing procedure, you must look deeply in the website. Being a website designing student, you need to know some mind blowing facts about the website designing, so that you can bring variations in the website you are designing.

Here in this article, I am going to share some website designing facts that will help you to build a website, which will change a user’s experience. Let’s late a look behind the most amazing facts brought to you by the best web designing institute in South Delhi.

·         Over half of internet searches take place on a mobile device.

These days, having a website is not enough for businesses, they need to have a responsive designed website, as half of the customers do searches online from mobile. More and more people have smartphones these days and that is why people are browsing the web on the internet. So, being a website designer, you should know how to design a responsive website.

·         Clear and user friendly layout attracts customers.

The internet has changed the way we read and browse. These days we generally prefer to visit those websites, which are user friendly and have clear layout. So, all the designers need to create the sites that direct viewers to the most information. Being a designer, you need to design a website, which improves the user experience.

·         Images and videos can have a positive or negative impact on the website.

Multimedia content and images can be the powerful tool for the website, if you will use it properly. Using large images and videos on the website can slow it down and the website will take time while loading. The visitors don’t like to wait too long for a page to load. So, it is very important for the website designers to avoid outdated multimedia formats and use new formats.

·         Mobile website design and responsive design are different.

Mobile design is restrictive, as it serves up a separate and often limited. Mobile design can be used in tablets and smartphones. On the other hand, responsible design is extremely flexible, as it allows a website to resize and reflow the website layout as per the visitor’s screen size. From high resolution large screen to smallest smartphone’s touchscreen, a responsive designed website will suit on every design.

So, these are the facts that every website designer must know about. Being a website designer, you should design a website by keeping these points in your mind. You require a high level of updated awareness about the website design in order to create a mind blowing website. You need to join an institute, which provides you every update and facts about the website.

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