My Perfect Storm - Detoxification

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  My perfect storm started right after I had my second child.    I was exhausted, frustrated, and disappointed that I just couldn’t get my energy back and I barely had enough energy to take care of myself and my new baby.   4 years prior to giving birth, I had been rear-ended while sitting at a red light and although I didn't know it at that time, that accident seemed to be the initial insult that sent me off down a path of debilitating Chronic Fatigue.    A few months later someone backed into my car and then a few months after that someone accidentally knocks me to the floor. I was having trouble recovering and then I got pregnant.    After that pregnancy, I came down with the flu that just seemed to hang on. My blood test revealed that my thyroid was now low and I had developed thyroid antibodies.    I was prescribed Armour thyroid but it made me feel a lot worse. When the only solution that medicine was offering me was not only, not helping me, but making me feel worse, I knew I had to do something different. I started researching and discovered the role that toxicity plays in our ill-health and metabolism and decided to do a detoxification program. After only a month of using a Medical grade food and herbal detoxification supplement, I felt much better. I’m not saying I was 100%, I wasn’t, but what a difference it made!  With renewed energy and the impetus to go on to phase 2 of my detoxification, I had a renewed outlook on life!   When your life just isn’t going in the direction you think it should be, toxins may be the root cause.    The shock of trauma, whether it be physical, emotional or a pathogen invading your body can start to shut things down and with that comes decreased the function of your organs, glands, and detox pathways.  It may take a while to show up, but when it does, I know of no better way to regain your health than to detoxify your body.    Often, when I look at a patient's case history, I can see one significant event that starts their perfect storm and then things usually go downhill from there.    If you are having serious health or energy issues that you just can't seem to get to the bottom of, I'd like to invite you to sign up for a free online consultation. You'll fill out a health history beforehand, and during the consultation, I'll help you put the pieces together to figure out your next best steps. You will come away with clarity and an action plan for regaining your vibrant health.   Click here to sign up for your free consultation   Initially, we’ll do a 15-minute phone call to determine what information I need from you. Once I get that information, we’ll book up to an hour online next step health plan appointment for you.   Yours in health, Dr. Laara Van Bryce   P.S. I can only offer these consultations as my calendar allows, so if you want a fresh set of highly trained eyes on your problem, I encourage you to book an appointment now.    Click here to sign up for your free consultation