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niagara falls tour from nyc Day 1:New York-The Mysterious Cave-Niagara Falls Night Tour   Activity:[Mysterious Cave]New York state-state exquisite,thrilling cave.Formed in the last Ice Age 38,000 years ago,from the then huge waterfall dump and melting glaciers.The rocks in the mysterious cave roughly fall into the Coeymans limestone,and the Silurian Manlius limestone.Visitors can watch the transition and evolution of limestone in two different periods through a 85-foot cave.From the evolved limestone,the 4,000-year-old paleo seabed landscape was submerged and dried.Visitors can watch here stalactites hanging on the walls and ceilings,stalagmites on the ground and beautiful underground waterfalls.   Day 2:Niagara Falls-Millennium Glen(Watkins Glen Summer:Mid May to October)/Corning Museum of Glass Winter   [Waterfall depth of travel]contains the vortex Park and the war castle two attractions.Niagara swirls 125 feet deep,formed by water erosion 4200 years ago,and is spectacular in the park.The War Castle is a historic site that existed before the independence of the United States and was adjacent to the waterfall.Because it was at the mouth of Lake Wudachia,it was followed by the Indian and French wars,the American War of Independence,and the Anglo-American war Played a very important role.Behind it is one of the five largest lakes in the United States-Lake Ontario.   [Maid Foggy Pleasure Boat](Seasonal)The massive waterfall plunges down at a flow rate of 4 million cubic meters per minute,splashing numerous beads of finely ground jade.Only this close contact will make your Niagara Falls tour without regret.   [Watkins Canyon]Go down to the paradise along the gorge trail,where you can admire more than 20 unique waterfalls,such as Rainbow Falls,Chain Falls,Endless Falls,and more.(Note:An additional charge of$10.00 per person will be charged as parking and permit fees are required for a bus to enter State Park)   Day 3:Washington-Philadelphia-New York City   【Washington DC Cruises】Watch the Washington landmark along the East Potomac River.(As the DC cruise ship is closed in winter,January to early March will be changed to visit the spy museum).   Outside the Capitol,the capital's mansion is the seat of the U.S.Congress:the Senate and the House of Representatives.   [White House]External visit to the United States President's residence and office.   [Lincoln Memorial]To visit the beloved former president.Beautifully decorated walls are engraved with famous aphorisms from these elite figures,giving rise to a sense of indignation.Will also drive past Jefferson Memorial,and in the Vietnam War,the Korean War Memorial memory of the dead martyrs.Engraved with the names of martyrs on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial designed by Lin Kai,it is simple and touching,and the monument to the Korean War depicts the intense and heroic war.   More niagara falls tour from nyc Click to learn more.