Ombre Virgin Hair Extensions

The ombre look has become a trend and many of us are rocking it….and rocking it well. It’s a nice beauty excuse for us to wear our hair in a fashionable way when our roots have grown out its color.

The same ombre concept has been used with human hair extensions to give a different look or to simply add color to the ends of the hair. This gives extension lovers more options to wear human hair and an opportunity to change their style.

This ombre color can be achieved on the virgin hair extensions by first bleaching the ends of a darker shadeusing bleaching powder and peroxide. This will make the extensions lighter in color. The goal is to get the extensions as light as possible preferably blonde so that the chosen color can be more vibrant.

Ombre extensions are an introduction to try a color to your hair. Ifyou don’t have the personality to wear a full burgundy lace front wig or human hair extensions ombre is the way to go.

Ombre virgin hair is perfect for any occasion. Step out in style and let your friends see how creative you can be using ombre100% virgin hair extensions.

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