One of the Pure Land,niagara falls tour from nyc keeps you away from the hustle and bustle

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The niagara falls tour from nyc is about 56 meters long and is towed up at an altitude of 174 meters from Lake Erie,betting 75 meters above sea level in Lake Ontario.The 99 meters gap,enough to form a rapid flow of water,and between the two lakes between a limestone cliff,but also to make the water rich Niagara River in the water suddenly when the sudden,the water potential surging,sonic.From the height of Lake Erie to the low Lake Ontario,after the river bed on the cliffs,the lake separated into two parts,respectively,into Canada and the United States,forming a large one or two waterfalls.The views of the two waterfalls in Canada are more spectacular than in the United States.Great Falls because of its appearance was horseshoe-shaped,and therefore also called"horseshoe waterfall"."Horseshoe Falls"about 675 meters long,drop 56 meters,the water vertical and down,the sound of water and deafening.When the sun is shining,the waterfall of the Great Falls will raise a seven-color rainbow.In winter,the waterfall surface will be a thin layer of ice,then,the waterfall will be quiet down.   Small waterfall is very wide and meticulous,much like a bride's wedding,so also known as"wedding waterfall.""Wedding Waterfall"320 meters long,a drop of 58 meters.As the bottom of the lake is uneven rock,so the water was swirling-like fall,and the big waterfall is different from its fun.Visitors can take the"Miss"tour boat shuttle between the rough waterfall,to confuse the mist into the thrilling,clean and dreary feeling.   Away from the noisy city,bid farewell to the busy life,which is every niagara falls tour from nyc want to seek,one side of the Pure Land,people can release the mood,is the best scenery.Canada Falls will give people this feeling.Summer Niagara Falls is a tourist season,picturesque,visitors shuttle which,really bustling.When you take a boat tour at the foot of the waterfall,the water drops unbridled scattered on the body,suddenly people feel refreshing,and the mood Ye Hao,this really feel that I was in nature.   More niagara falls tour from nyc Click to understand.