Online Technical Steps Are Available To Install Windows 8.1 on Your Computer

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Step1:- Plug in your windows 8.1 bootable USB flash drives or put your windows 8.1 DVD in DVD ROM and restart your computer.

Step2:- When your computer reboots, enter your computer’s Bios settings and set your installation media as the urgent boot priority. Next step is that you should save your BIOS settings and restart your PC desktop. If you are feeling any difficulty, you should call at Windows 8.1 Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for instant help.

Step3:- When your computer restarts, you will be asked to click on any key to boot from your installation media. Click on any key to continue.

Step4:- You will see succeeding loading monitor with a rotating progress bar. Wait for few minutes till compulsory files are loaded.

Step5:- You will see subsequent screen where you will have to choose currency format, language, time and keyboard layout. Pick on your necessary settings and click on Next step. If you have any technical query, you can call at Windows 8.1 help phone number to get immediate assistance.

Step6:- On Next screen, click on “Install “now and after period, you should wait for few seconds for set up procedure to begin.

Step7:- Next step is that you need to enter your windows 8.1 product key. You can use your product key or windows 8 activation key that provided along with windows 8.1. Enter your product key appropriately and click on next step.

Step8:- You should study carefully all license terms before you stay to install windows 8.1 on your computer.

Step9:- You need to select the type of your installation.

Step10:- You can choose a drive to install windows 8.1. You can setup a drive or install windows 8.1 on it or install windows 8.1 directly.

Step11:- You need to wait for installation procedure to complete, this takes only ten minutes.

Step12:- When the installation procedure is done, your PC desktop will reboot automatically and boot into windows 8.1 and you will see different progress. After a few seconds, your computer will reboot again.

Step13:- Finally, almost your Windows 8.1 operating system is installed completely.

Step14:- You will get the message of “Getting ready screen”.  After few minutes, you will see windows 8.1 start screen and your computer is now ready for windows 8.1 experience.

In addition, online certified technicians are very quick to suggest smart technical guidelines for online users, if they have any issue.  Online users can dial at toll free Windows 8.1 customer support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for quick technical assistance.

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