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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and you want everything to be perfect. Most brides spend  hours choosing the perfect colors for their wedding and everything must match these colors. Including the wedding favors. The  dresses must all match, the linens have to be just the right shade if just one thing doesn't match it could throw off the  entire look that you have spent months to perfect. Wedding favors are an essential part of any wedding. They are the perfect  way to say thank you to your guest for sharing this special day with you. Your favors are a direct reflection of you they  should be unique and affordable and when at all possible personalized to your wedding theme. matching favors to your theme is  very important it completes the look of your wedding.   Fudge is the perfect wedding favor it fits any wedding theme and it is so good it will have your guests begging for more. Buy   Fresh Fudge Online Christchurch from www.baileysfudgekitchen.co.nz, it Made with fresh cream and butter it just melts in  your mouth. Fresh fudge is not only delicious but a unique favor to give. Fudge also has a great shelf life and lasts up to  ninety days without any refrigeration required making it the perfect favor for any wedding not matter if you are having a   destination wedding or one in your own backyard. With no refrigeration required fudge can go anywhere.   Fudge favors come in a variety of flavors and are easily customized to fit your wedding theme Baileys Fudge Kitchen offer  free personalization on the labels with your name and wedding date. You can also get very creative and add pictures to the  labels for an additional cost. The fudge is usually placed in a cellophane bag with your customized label on the front and  tied with a ribbon. Ribbon colors can be made to match your wedding colors still adding to the personal touch of this favor.   If you are searching for delicious fudge favors within a budget, No Worries! there are beautiful selections out there you  just have to visit www.baileysfudgekitchen.co.nz & Fresh Fudge Online Christchurch. No matter the theme or colors of your  wedding you can have a great custom favor made up just for you.   Yummy, your first order of Baileys fresh fudge has arrived. While everything looks in order and seems to taste just fine, how  can you be sure you have received the freshest fudge the company makes? There are a few characteristics of the fudge and its  packaging you want to examine carefully. No Worries! Buying Fresh Fudge Online Christchurch is always Fresh and   Delicious.Congratulations! You have decided to order Fresh Fudge online. You Can Order now at sales@baileysfudgekitchen.co.nz or Call on Phone: 0800 FUDGES (0800 383 437).