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7 ​tips ​for the ​trendy ​travel-photographer ​in ​you

Travelling ​has ​never ​been ​easier ​with ​wallet-friendly ​flights, ​GPS ​and ​accessible ​accommodation. ​In ​all ​things social, ​visual ​content ​is ​arguably ​the ​most ​powerful ​when ​it ​comes ​down ​to ​capturing ​precious ​moments, ​and it ​is ​especially ​true ​for ​us ​when ​we ​are ​taking ​a ​break ​from ​the ​mundane. ​What ​does ​your ​travel ​log ​look ​like today?

Visual ​scrapbooking ​has ​been ​a ​primary ​medium ​for ​us ​to ​journal ​where ​we ​have ​been. ​We ​want ​to ​capture and ​share ​our ​travelling ​experience ​with ​those ​back ​home. ​As ​much  ​as ​we ​can ​feel ​the ​clock ​ticking ​by ​the minute, ​the ​alarm ​in ​our ​heads ​also ​tug ​at ​us ​to ​make ​the ​best ​out ​of ​everything ​before ​our ​departure ​flight.

Like ​the ​Yin ​to ​Yang, ​photography ​enhances ​the ​overseas ​experience ​by ​allowing ​us ​to ​be ​fully ​present ​where we ​are. ​For ​instance, ​we ​take ​in ​the ​details ​of ​our ​surroundings: ​the ​angle, ​the ​lighting, ​the ​frame, ​the protagonist, ​the ​story ​when ​we ​get ​a ​shot ​ready.

On ​the ​social ​media ​feed, ​interesting ​travel ​shots ​are ​often ​a ​fresh ​insert ​amongst ​the ​continuous ​scrolling ​of ootds, ​gym ​selfies ​and ​food ​collages.

Here ​are ​some ​of ​the ​top ​trends ​to ​be ​inspired ​by ​for ​your ​next ​trip ​overseas:

1.    Street photography ​rolls ​the ​dice

Intriguing ​by ​nature, ​street ​photography ​has ​been ​witnessing ​a ​strong ​following ​in ​recent ​years. ​With ​more people ​venturing ​into ​the ​streets ​to ​capture ​candid ​moments, ​these ​shots ​are ​often ​unassuming ​and ​full ​of memorable ​chance ​encounters.

Travelling ​to ​new ​places ​often ​gives ​us ​the ​curiosity ​to ​anticipate ​and ​explore. ​An ​old ​street ​vendor ​selling ​hot cakes ​on ​a ​rainy ​night ​might ​seem ​like ​a ​common ​sight ​for ​the ​locals, ​but ​it ​might ​be ​the ​highlight ​shot ​for ​the traveller.

Also ​due ​to ​its ​unpredictability, ​street ​photography ​is ​likely ​to ​have ​an ​evergreen ​appeal ​for ​days ​to ​come.

2.  Short ​videos ​for ​our ​short ​attention ​span

With ​Insta ​story, ​snapchat ​and ​other ​look-alike ​platforms ​available, ​creating ​videos ​no ​longer ​seem ​as daunting ​to ​the ​common ​man. ​The ​shortening ​attention ​span ​also ​leads ​to ​the ​proliferation ​of ​short,

easy-to-make ​videos, ​GIFs, ​Boomerang ​and ​Hyperlapse. ​Short, ​sweet ​and ​memorable, ​videos ​are ​a ​great ​way to ​document ​your ​holidays.

Besides ​this, ​minimalistic ​photography ​can ​also ​be ​an ​attention-grabber ​by ​emphasising ​on ​therapeutic

-looking ​lines. ​This ​is ​a ​great ​contrast ​to ​the ​influx ​of ​incessant ​prints ​and ​colours ​everywhere ​else.

3.  Animals

While ​travelling ​to ​different ​countries, ​the ​animals ​open ​up ​a ​whole ​new ​way ​of ​understanding ​the ​landscape too. ​Be ​it ​a ​husky ​cafe ​in ​Bangkok ​or ​a ​drive ​through ​the ​nature ​reserve ​in ​New ​Zealand, ​a ​successful ​photo ​of an ​animal ​glazing ​through ​the ​lens ​will ​always ​add ​to ​the ​sense ​of ​fulfillment ​and ​excitement ​during ​and ​after the ​trip.

Of ​course, ​it ​is ​usually ​not ​easy ​to ​get ​a ​decent ​shot ​of ​the ​koala ​high ​up ​on ​the ​tree. ​Safety ​precautions ​aside, lighting ​conditions ​have ​to ​be ​good. ​Rather ​than ​zooming ​in, ​getting ​closer ​to ​the ​animals ​in ​real ​life ​will ​get ​a better ​picture.

4.   ​Storytelling

Like ​a ​visual ​journal, ​photography ​will ​continue ​to ​be ​trending ​with ​the ​story ​behind ​it. ​Like ​what ​a ​school teaching ​visual ​communications ​and ​photography ​would ​teach, ​every ​photo ​frames ​out ​a ​story ​with ​details such ​as ​the ​angle, ​lighting ​and ​composition. ​In ​sum, ​relatable ​photos ​that ​personalise ​a ​story ​have ​the ​power to ​connect ​others ​to ​your ​perspective. ​This ​is ​probably ​why ​photography ​courses ​have ​always ​been ​one ​of ​the more ​popular ​modules ​in ​school.

Photographs ​documenting ​what ​the ​traveller ​sees. ​Be ​it ​shots ​of ​you ​packing ​for ​the ​flight, ​being ​lost ​with ​the GPS ​or ​trying ​to ​figure ​out ​where ​the ​Airbnb ​host’s ​keys ​are, ​these ​photos ​of ​the ​imperfect, ​messy ​and ​hasty daily ​routine ​relate ​to ​the ​masses ​while ​being ​an ​interesting ​way ​to ​remember ​your ​trip ​by.

The ​same ​is ​true ​for ​food, ​objects ​and ​interior ​images. ​If ​you ​are ​intending ​to ​keep ​your ​travel ​ventures ​social, try ​these ​story ​angles ​instead ​of ​the ​usual ​touristy ​shot ​with ​a ​V ​sign.

5.  Behind-the-scenes ​photography

Similar ​to ​the ​previous ​point, ​you ​can ​take ​a ​spin ​on ​the ​conventional ​story ​angles ​to ​focus ​on ​what ​is ​usually left ​unsaid. ​Paying ​more ​attention ​to ​what ​is ​behind ​the ​scenes ​like ​the ​barista ​preparing ​your ​latte ​instead ​of the ​cup ​itself ​adds ​much ​more ​dimension ​and ​life ​into ​your ​pictures.

Coupled ​with ​the ​trend ​of ​the ​90s ​film ​filters, ​polaroid-like ​snapshots ​and ​flash ​photos, ​authenticity ​is ​a definite ​theme ​helming ​a ​strong ​presence ​in ​visual ​content ​everyday.

6.   ​Techify ​your ​pictures

Ironically, ​including ​technology ​can ​help ​others ​to ​resonate ​with ​your ​shots. ​Capturing ​your ​friend ​pointing ​her camera ​at ​an ​artifact ​or ​a ​shot ​of ​your ​phone ​taking ​a ​food ​picture ​creates ​a ​sense ​of ​familiarity ​as ​well.

Another ​way ​photography ​can ​leverage ​on ​technology ​is ​using ​it ​to ​shoot ​unconventional ​angles. ​For ​instance,

360 ​degree, ​4K ​and ​aerial ​videos ​are ​trending ​as ​the ​filming ​equipments ​become ​more ​accessible. ​There ​are several ​rental ​options ​for ​travellers ​to ​bring ​these ​equipment ​overseas, ​although ​it ​is ​likely ​to ​add ​up ​to ​the packing ​list ​with ​more ​valuables ​to ​take ​care ​of.

7.  Reimagine ​landmarks

Taking ​a ​photography ​course ​in ​school ​is ​probably ​a ​much ​better ​way ​for ​you ​to ​master ​the ​skill, ​but ​a ​simple change ​can ​help ​to ​capture ​a ​decent ​shot ​by ​reimagining ​landmarks.

Landscape ​photography ​has ​been ​highly ​popular. ​Beyond ​the ​hustling ​city ​life, ​deserted ​nature, ​unusual patterns, ​fog ​and ​other ​quiet ​terrains ​are ​favoured ​among ​travellers.

Developing the ​photographer ​in ​you?

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