Power Wheelchair With Lift Seat- A Blessing For Many

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Power Wheelchair With Lift Seat

Power wheelchairs have many features besides its power and sleek looks. You will find power wheelchair with lift seat also. Many brands have introduced this option in their wheelchairs for the comfort of the patient. Using this feature, the person in the wheelchair now can adjust his/her height to the desired level.

Previously wheelchairs had some standard heights and that couldn't meet the requirements of short or tall patients. Children on wheelchairs suffered the discomfort most. But now thanks to power wheelchairs which have the option of seat lift. Some models have automatic seat lifts while in some you need to adjust the height of the seat manually. Whatever may be the mode it is an advantage, as now the level of tables, bars and other objects can be matched properly. Go to this website


The motorized wheelchairs which use automatic seat lift are little bit expensive than the manual handling options. But the range differs very little. Very few manufacturers offer the option of power seat lift, that too in some of their models. You will find some power operated wheelchairs from foreign countries like China and others on the Internet. They don't have names of brands but mentions all the features of the electric wheelchairs that they have posted for sale.

The problem with those chairs is that you are not sure of their dexterity, performance and if something goes wrong you may not know how much you have to spend to get them repaired. But if you buy anything whose brand name, warranty periods and other things you know you will never face trouble in repair. Therefore, try to avoid buying things about whom you don't have any idea.

Here are some models of power wheelchairs from manufacturers like Pride, Invacare and Amigo. You will have options of power lifted seats in these models. The height of the lift varies from model to model. Some may have height range of eight inches while some may have a range of five inches.

AMIGO eXcite: This rear wheel drive wheelchair runs on two batteries. Amigo eXcite is an indoor and outdoor wheelchair which has a turning radius of 21 inches. The maximum speed of the wheelchair is 4.5 miles per hour. It has tilt seating system and electro magnetic power braking system for safety. The optional power seat lift enhances your vertical mobility. You can operate each and every feature of the wheelchair with your modular joystick. Go to this website

Amigo Rt Express: This is another power seat lift chair from Amigo. It has almost the same features like the eXcite with only one or two differences.

Pride mobility has Jazzy 1143 Ultra as its power seat lift wheelchair. This is a sporty wheelchair for both indoor and out door usage. It has intelligent braking system and many other features. Invacare Pronto M61 is another power wheelchair with lift seat. This is very stylish and graceful wheelchair from Invacare with many other advantageous features.