Procedure to recover Windows XP password

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Microsoft window is an operating system created by the Microsoft.Windows have acquired the market for personal computers over apple and others.Microsoft Windows offers a user-friendly interface to use.users come across issues like forgetting the window’s password .it is to know that the forgotten password cannot be retrieved but the user can create a new password to access the window’s computer through various methods.

Steps to reset the password as an administrator:-
Step 1
To recover your password of your Windows XP, the user has to login through the administrative account, because an account which has administrative privileges has an ability to change the password for other users.
Step 2
After logging in to the administrator account the users can go to the start menu and then click on the option “run”, then a pop window would appear on the screen.
Step 3
In that box the user will have to enter “cmd” followed by pressing “enter” on the keyboard.this will direct you to the command prompt window to further follow the procedure.
Step 4
After that on the prompt window on the screen, you have to enter “net user username * “ and then press enter on the keyboard. The user has to remember to give space between the * and the username you will enter.
Step 5
Next, the user will be asked to enter the new password for the Windows XP, then you will be again asked to enter the password to confirm it followed by pressing the enter button.
Step 6
Once the user has confirmed the password then the user can use the same password to access the account.

Above mentioned is one of the methods to recover or reset the password.Any user if still face problem in recovering the password then the user can contact Windows XP Technical Support, where the technicians will resolve your issue as soon as possible.the experts will give the best solution to your issue. The window’s helpline number is available 24/7 for the users to seek help.the technical support numbers are given on the official website of Windows XP.