Providing the Right Bird Food For the Birds

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While some people like to have birds in door and in cages, others prefer to leave them to fly wild and just provide food for them. The food that is provided in the garden can mean the difference between life and death during the winter months and there is a range of bird food that can be bought. Although some will come in their own holders and others can be put on the floor, it is possible to buy bird cages and place the food in that.

These cages are not the sort a bird lives in and will only be needed if the food is being put outside. It is important to know what bird food certain birds can eat and this will allow you to target your purchase to the type of bird in the garden. For the best type, there will be sunflower seeds, bits of peanut and maize included and it is sparrows and blackbirds that will be most attracted to this. During the summer it will be best to provide seed, and then in the winter include chunks of products – especially whole peanuts. Barley is not worth providing in a general garden unless there are doves or pigeons that will be feeding.

It may seem that it is a lonely life for a bird in a cage, but there are lots of things that can be provided to keep them happy. Bird cages come in many shapes and sizes and one thing to check is the size of the bars. There is no point buying a cage that has large gaps between the bars if the aim is to buy a very small bird. When looking inside it is worth remembering that you are likely to add a number of items that will decrease the space for the bird to move around. This will be food and water holder, and possibly things such as a ladder a bell and a toy for the bird to play with.

When buying bird food, look out for products that are not overly popular, but will mainly be added to bulk up the container. There are also items such as wheat that should be avoided as larger birds will be attracted by this and smaller birds may be put off feeding when larger birds are around. Certain items are good all year around, and this includes black sunflower seeds and certain birds will enjoy live food and this will be easy to get hold of.

Bird cages can be free standing or hung from a wall and the size of the area the bird will be kept in could determine that. Designs vary and range from fairly basic living spaces to ones that have a large amount of room and allows the bird to move from one part of its’ ”house” to another. The bars will be made of metal and while some birds may try to bite the bars, they will not break and allow the bird to escape, nor will they do any damage to the beak.If you want to buy top quality bird food, welcome to our online store today. We can teach you more about our food and show you nice bird cages you could buy as well. Feel free to call us or write use an email today.