Quick Fixes for Your Stinky Body Parts

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Women face, body odor problems more than men, or it is just that women are a lot more conscious about how they smell as compared to men. Whatever may be the case, the thing is women do not like any of their body to stink and this is why they want solutions for the most common body odor problems. We are here to help women with these stinky body parts. We will share tips on how women can take care of their body odor.

Smelly Feet Troubles

Most women face the problem of smelly feet, especially the ones who work. Usually when your feet sweat or get wet, there is bacterial build up which causes them to stink. This is a common problem and the best solution to deal with smelly feet is to keep them as much moisture free as possible. After shower make sure you dry your feet well and do not forget the areas between the toes. Now if sweat is your problem, then you might not be able to keep your feet dry all the time by patting it dry. You will need an antiperspirant to keep the sweat away from your feet.

Also, you can try not wearing socks and heavy shoes outside when it is too hot. All these methods will help.

Stinky-Armpit Solutions

Most women can keep their underarm odor in check by regular washing them and applying an over the counter deodorant. But, there are some women who still cannot get rid of their underarm smell and have a serious problem of smelly pits. According to physicians, some women are very excessive sweaters and they need prescription antiperspirants to take care of their armpit smell. In rare cases when the condition is too severe underarm Botox treatments can help as it puts an end to excessive sweat glands.

Bad-Breath Blasters

I think bad breath is one of the most humiliating problems that a woman can suffer from. Stinking body parts is one thing, but having a bad breath can take serious toll on your self esteem. According to researchers, our diet is the cause of stinky breath in most cases. Foods like garlic, onions and spices can make your mouth smell for hours after you eat them and this problem can be fixed by brushing and flossing right up.

However, if for some reason you don’t seem to be getting rid of the bad breath even after brushing then it can be because of halitosis. This is a condition that results because of bad dental hygiene. Some other causes can be gum disease, dry mouth and other dental conditions that you might want to get checked with your dentist.

Smelly Hair Syndrome

We are being real here, there is a condition called the smelly hair syndrome that results in a pungent smell from the hair and scalp. Now dealing with smelly feet or underarm is one thing but smelly hair and scalp is a whole new level. There is still no known cause of why some women have stinky hair but fortunately the solution to the problem is to use Dial antibacterial liquid body wash or soaps that have sulfur in it.

Hope these solutions help you get rid of the stinks.


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