The Real Cost Of Living On A Narrowboat

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Do you want to live on a narrow boat because you think it's a low cost alternative to living in a house? Living on a narrow boat is a fantastic lifestyle choice but the cost is possibly a little more than you expected. In this article ALL of the costs are detailed and explained. Below, wood burning stoves wales I have detailed the general narrow boat costs that you will incur followed by some specific costs that I have faced since moving onto narrow boat James in April 2010.

Your narrow boat will probably be your largest financial investment after your dry land home. If you want a brand new narrow boat designed and fitted out to your own specifications you can pay in excess of £100,000. You will be able to pick up a decent second hand boat of about 60' suitable for living aboard for about 40,000. The majority of narrow boat owners have a boat in addition to a house. Some though fund the cost of their boat from the sale of their house. Whichever way you choose to fund your boast purchase, make sure you include any monthly finance repayment amounts in your calculations.

I provide a link to the very best place to research narrow boat prices and specifications in this article on my web site. Last time I looked, there were eight hundred narrow boats for sale. Insurance for your boat is a legal requirement. You can find a list of narrow boat insurers on the site. Please note that your intention to live on your narrow boat and the age of the boat will have an impact on the insurance cost so must be declared. Your car needs an MOT both as a legal requirement and as a regular check to make sure that it is safe to use. Your narrow boat needs a Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) Certificate when it is four years old and every four years after that. Again, wood burning stoves Bristol Here's some very good information about the examination, the likely cost and what you need to do to prepare for it on my site.

You have to buy a British Waterways license if your narrowboat uses the c****s of England and Wales. The fee is dependant on the length of your boat. At the time of writing (November 2010), the annual fee for 62' long James is £804.48 with an £80 discount for prompt payment. You also need to pay a fee to use the rivers that connect some of the c****s (e.g. the Thames). British Waterways is responsible for river Avon, Soar, Ouse, Severn and Ure. The Environment Agency controls river Thames, Medway, Nene, Great Ouse, Ancholme, Glen, Welland and Stour. British Waterways offer their Gold License which allows you to travel on all the waterways controlled by British Waterways and the Environments Agency. The 2010 fee for a 62' narrowboat is £967 for payment in full or £1,039 if paid by direct debit installments. You can find more details about British Waterways licenses here.

River C**** Rescue offer breakdown cover for boat owners. They offer three levels of cover; bronze, silver and gold ranging in cost from woodburning stoves swansea a year. Bronze cover simply registers your boat on their database. You pay additional fees for call outs and for towing you to the closest marina if they can't easily repair your boat. Silver and Gold membership give you additional services and benefits such as an annual engine inspection (rather than a service). It's essential cover for you if you don't like to get too close to your engine or if your craft is a little long in the tooth.