Reviewing your mutual fund portfolio After Diwali? Here is how to do it

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KKP Capital Karur was Founded in 2003, is one amongst the foremost reliable wealth management stock broking company based mostly in Karur, TamilNadu; with intensive information, all told aspects of exchange and Mutual Funds. At KKP Capital Karur we tend to clearly perceive that each investors desires and goals square measure totally different. thence we offer a comprehensive set of future ****ysis reports, in order that you'll be able to build the proper investment choices no matter your hard-earned preferences. specialized reports on distinctive market opportunities, new Mutual Funds and future investments in stocks is providing dividend yield with less risk.   The stock market hitting historical peak is a time for jubilation for investors. However, it is a bit different this time. A purely liquidity-driven rally is making many participants, both investors and advisors, a bit nervous. Blame it on the bleak overseas scenario or domestic companies still limping along, everybody is a bit cautious these days. And some Mutual Fund Advisor are busy devising theories to soothe the nerves of their clients. Some of these theories are invented out of necessity. ..    Some things are better done on religious holidays like Diwali. Reviewing the mutual fund portfolio is one of them. Or if you have never put your entire mutual fund investments in a single piece of paper or file, this is the right time to do it.    If you are wondering what is the hullaballoo all about, here is a little secret. Many mutual fund investors do not invest in a systematic manner. They mostly amass many schemes over a long period. And many do not even have a proper record  .    First, let us focus on someone who never found time to put all her investments in a proper order. Well, you do not have to dust off those files. All you have to do is to google 'Consolidated Account Statement.' You would find that mutual fund registrar and transfer agencies like CAMS and Karvy offer consolidated account statements. Key in your email address, Permanent Account Number (PAN), and a password, and you would get a list of your entire mutual fund holdings in your inbox.      Here is how you can tackle volatility in debt mutual funds    The debt investment firm consultant is making lots of confusion among investors, particularly the new ones. once a series of cuts in deposit rates and tiny savings, several new investors have started investing in debt investment firm schemes. However, the quality of the area is difficult most investors. high investment firm managers believe that these investors would fare well if they stick with AN plus allocation arrange in debt.    Mutual funds pump $12 billion in equities, outshine FPIs' investment :   Investment by Mutual Fund Advisor in domestic equities touched a staggering $12 billion within the April-September amount on robust retail capitalist interest, when foreign investors cut their exposure. Moreover, fund homes square measure upbeat over investment within the stock markets for the rest of the present financial. consistent with the most recent information, fund managers bought shares value we ($12 billion) within the half.For more details cisit=