Risk Free Investment Techniques In Indian Stock Market

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Wise investing in the stock market can create huge wealth over a period of time. In today’s scenario, investment is necessity and more importantly it needs to be in right direction. Stock market investments do always carry a financial risk. But if we consider the reality, the same is true for any kind of investments. Investments with high return potential have a higher risk and vice versa. Best place to invest money varies from person to person, risk reward ratio and your level of expertise. This article lays down a few very important points while you decide to buy stocks online. If you want to know Risk Free Investment Techniques, contact MR MK Prabhagharan, Low Cost Stock Broker for proper guidance in stock market.

While you can buy stocks asking your stock broker, the best practice is still to buy stocks online. When an investor gets himself involved into everything, he gets an exposure to learn things correctly. A large portion of the dealers out there wouldn't enjoy your cash as much as you do.

Get a Low Cost Stock Broker

You can’t buy stocks directly unless you have a trading account with a Low Cost Stock Broker. A stock broker mediates you and stock exchange while buying and selling stocks for a charge of brokerage. A lousy, stock broker can become reason for many sleepless nights and utterly gives a bitter experience in stock trading. You must consider some very important aspects before choosing your stock broker. Just remember that an investor needs quality of service and reliability more than low brokerage rates.

Most important points to look at while buying stocks are:

Market Capital

Price to Earning Ratio(P/E Ratio)

Earning Per Share or Cash Flow

Dividend paying consistency

Sales and Debt

Company’s annual report

Review’s at financial sites

Holding Pattern of the stocks by top mutual funds

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