Security in Style

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There are many situations in which you might need security devices to protect items. The type of security products you use often depends on the setting, the product being protected and a number of other factors. Here are some of the most common scenarios that require security and some suggestions on the type of system to use.

Portable Displays

If you're taking your new products around the country to pop-up stores, conventions or kiosks, then you need something that allows decent access while maintaining a professional appearance. It's also usually important to be robust— in terms of security, at least— and lightweight. If this sounds like a mixture of contradictions, you might be surprised to learn about some of the mobile device security options out there. These next-gen applications rely on traditional security methods, such as physically locking down a device so it can't be take easily.

When that first layer of security is broken, secondary methods kick into action. You're notified of the event and you can choose an appropriate course of action: to track the attempted theft or to shut down the product and make it unusable. This combination of actionable theft reduction and deterrence information makes these types of security devices the choice of many roving high-tech merchants.

Stable Shops

For more stable environments, such as brick-and-mortar shops or displays at corporate headquarters, it's usually more important to thwart casual or opportunistic theft than it is to track devices. That's not to say you shouldn't attempt to find a thief and reclaim your merchandise, it just means that you might put a higher priority on ease of customer interaction and professional appearance. After all, you don't want your theft deterrents to get in the way of selling your product or showing off its best qualities. You may also want a larger range of theft protection devices in a store than a convention display would require: one type of protection for each product. Wearables, mobile tablets and laptops each need to be secured, ideally with a solution that looks uniform across all the different types of products.

Some of the best manufacturers of security devices create products versatile enough to fit nearly any situation, from an aisle in an electronics store to a display in the visitor area of a world-class corporation's headquarters building. While it's up to you to decide on the right balance between security, technology, customer comfort and professional appearance, you might be able to get all of these things rolled into one if you go to the right place.