Seven Must Have Things For Your Travelling

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While preparing for a trip, we always forget something, so that’s why we asked the best stylists at barber shops in Manhattan to make a list of essential things which you need during any travelling. Check them out!


#1 Razor

Even if you don’t shave at all, razor must be in your bag for sure. Who knows - maybe you’ll find some beautiful lady and will ask her for a date, and there is no place for excessive hair.


#2 Daily cleanser

Don't stop to care for your facial skin if you are far away from home. Take your daily cleanser with you if you want to stay fresh and with a clean and supple face.


#3 Daily moisturizing cream

Don’t forget to take some daily deeply moisturizing cream. If the weather is too hot, too cold or dry - it can save facial skin and prevent so many problems, for example, flakes and over dryness. So don’t forget to apply a daily cream every evening.


#4 Toothpaste and toothbrush

Take these guys from home, because all of those cheap products which we can find in hotels are too bad. Really, very bad.


#5 Dry shampoo

Thank God, it’s 2017, and we have a dry shampoo. Very simple in using, it takes only 4 minutes for shampooing and removing all dirt and oils from your head. It’s a cool thing if you are going travel to mountains, desert or on a car trip, and there won’t be water for some time.


#6 Hot mug

A great thing for those fellas who like to stay hydrated and know how water is important for us (and for those guys, who don’t want to overpay $4-6 for water in an airport). This magic tool can keep water, juices, coffee, tea for hours! And they’ll stay cool or cold. You can make even soup there, isn’t it wonderful?


#7 Black socks

Take as many socks as you can put in a backpack. Change them every day and don’t try to wear it twice. Stay refreshed and clean with a new pair of black socks every day. Why black? Look, any way you’ll wear it twice and dark color will hide all possible dirt.


Recheck all these things twice and don’t forget to have a good rest during the trip.