Shaving tips for coarse beards

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Look carefully at your facial hair, probably, you will find there an answer to your question why you cannot get proper shaving.  It seems to you that you are doing everything right, use enough lathering and buy quality razors, but still slight bristle remains on your face. It means that you have extremely coarse beard that requires special treatment. Our professional barbers created a special guide to ease your morning routine. Check out these vital shaving tips from one of the best barbershops in nyc that seriously improve the quality of shaving procedure you embrace every single day.


Moisturize and soften

Such type of beards requires special preparations before shaving. You need to hydrate and soften every strands, to get easy gliding. Use special facial scrubs, they will remove an excessive dirt and prepare your skin for further damages. Then, wash your face with warm water, it will also soften your beard and open the pores. This hacks  will also prevent bumps and ingrown hair.


Choose wisely

In order to take the best out of your beard, buy appropriate care products for your facial hair. Chose products, depending on your skin type and considering unique peculiarities of your face. Improper treatment can worsen the situation and lead to major irritation, redness and razor burn.


Go for something more

Simple disposable razors just cannot cope with coarse hair, so it is impossible to reach perfectly clean and neat chin, using only simple blade. Spend a little bit more money and buy expensive razor of a better quality. Modern market offers us thousands of different variants of razors. They can be electric ones, half electric and simple ones. In this case, it is up to you to decide which one to choose and how much money you should spend. You should also pay attention on its sharpness. Blunt razor is never a good thing, even if you use super – duper expensive blade.


Follow our tips, and you will see how the change the quality of your shaving routine. Having clean and soft face is no longer a dream for you, even if you have incredibly coarse beard.