Speed Radar Gun

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Speed Radar Gun

In today’s law enforcement vehicles, space is at a premium. Take advantage of proven Microwave technology, now in a package that is more comfortable to use and fits easily in tight spaces. LDR speed checking instrument have a relatively wide beam (9 to 25 degrees) that easily covers several lanes of traffic at a relatively short range.


  • It is very easy to aim because Microwave Equipments do not require aiming exactly (only general direction). But in case of other Laser Equipment Exact Aim is required.

  • It can be used in Moving mode and in the Stationary mode other than the other Laser Equipments which can be used only in the Stationary mode.

  • It can be used for measuring both Short and Long Distance.

  • It can be work in both Continuous and Instant-on mode.

  • It captures speed measurement in 0.1sec.

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