Stealing Johnny Depp's Hairstyles

Without any doubts, Johnny Depp is one the best Hollywood actors of this century.  Apart from being incredibly talented, Johnny has a very sophisticated taste and sense of style. It is not surprising that thousands of his fans want to copy out everything in his look, starting from cloth up to hairstyle. If you fall inside the category of these guys, our professionals at professional nyc barbershop gathered three most iconic Depp`s haircuts. Go on reading our article and you will definitely find an inexhaustible source of inspiration for your own new look. 

# 1 Long Side Parting

Here we got a little bit of young Johnny. This medium length hairstyle with side parting turned to be one of his signature ones. He conquered Hollywood hills, wearing this hairstyle, so if you need a little bit more self – confidence, go for Depp's side parting. In order to modernize and update this look, make your sides and back more tapered or even go for faded effect. The main length should be concentrated at the front. Adding a quaff is also a good variant, especially for guys with round faces.

# 2 Cry Baby Hairstyle

Nothing fits better for white T-shirt and leather jacket than cry baby hairstyle. Johnny Depp proved us this  verity in early 90`s. This type of slick back hairstyle becomes very popular aging in 2017 and every second guy wants to have it in his charming arsenal. If you are one of these guys, you should be aware of the fact that you are risking to look like Elvis Presley, if style you hair wrong. Don’t use too much product and match hair with your overall look in order to avoid failure.

# 3 Centre Parted Long Hair

It is, probably, the most recognizable Depp's hairstyle, since Pirates of the Caribbean hit the screen. Famous Jack Sparrow, oh, sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow stole hearts of all women of the world, without any twinge of conscience. Long hair with strict centre parting is Johnny Depp's best look of all times, without any exaggerations.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair, just like Johnny Depp and stay cool and stylish.


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