Stealing Tom Ellis Hairstyle

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Do you know that proper hairstyle can not only change your look, but also add you self - confidence and masculinity? If you always lacked courage and guts, maybe you should change your cut! In order to boost your inner Lucifer, go for Tom Ellis short hairstyle. Daring star of popular TV show Lucifer embraces short, a little bit wavy hairstyle with polished natural shine. The back and sides of his night black hue are clipped short, to make it closer to the head. Top hair is volumized a little bit, in order to create perfect oval face shape. Edgy, playful top with spikes and texture is always a good thing, especially when we are talking about the Devil itself. If you want to steal this look, be ready to spend some money on qualitative styling products, because taking care of such mane requires a lot of time and efforts.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid of difficulties. Our specialists at the best barbershop in nyc will help you to create handsome image. All you need is to follow these professional tips.

Who should choose it

Tom Ellis has black, thick and a little bit wavy hair, so if it coincides with your hair type, you can make an appointment with your barber right now. Guys with absolutely straight hair can also go for it without any doubts. If you have thin or kinky shag, do not even expect the same look. Consult with your barber, so together you can adjust Tom`s cut to your unique needs.

When it comes to face form, there is almost no restrictions exist. It will work absolutely stunning on round, oval, heart and triangular shaped faces. All the rest – don’t be upset.

How to style it

As we already said, everything should be ideal in Lucifer's look, and hair styling is not an exception. Making your hair look neat and tidy will take you about 20 minutes if you are a beginner in this sphere and about 10 if you are a pro. Apply a few drops of cream or pomade with strong fixation to your hair and use your fingers to spread the products and create textured finish.

Keep these tips in mind while styling your mane and don’t forget to watch Lucifer.