Stem Cells Treatment at Ahmedabad in India

Recently, modern medicine is coming up as a futuristic treatment approach with the combining effect of science and body’s own ability to heal. The treatment has gained worldwide acceptance due to its inbuild ability to find biological solution to the biological problem.

Over the years of hardcore bench side research has enlightened the minds of scientists with the fact that body of a multicellular organism is blessed with ability to encounter issues that are halting its continuous mechanism and erupt with a defensive mechanism to regulate the fault. Stem cells are body’s primary cells that are being formed immediately after fertilization of human embryo. These cells divide indefinitely to give rise to trillions of cells in the human body, which are assigned with the specific tasks. In this sort of automated process of cellular development, if anything goes wrong at the genetic or epigenetic level; it may affect smooth functioning of the body. As in the case of faulty neuronal development, defective passage of information through central nervous system, may affect person’s ability to walk or perform different tasks.

Stem cells in their adult developmental stage are settled in multiple organs and are being utilized, when body needs them. The entire process of cellular communication and migration is basically controlled with secretion of different types of signals, coded by the central nervous system. These messages are transferred to the desired tissue, wherein changes are to be amended. Decoding of these messages is particularly achieved through cellular receptors, to bring in the change required. Although, the process is much complex than elaborated herewith; any fault in cellular communication can result into their misbehaviour, that has to be borne by the body in the form of diseased state.

In a modern world, technical advancements have allowed easy isolation of stem cells from different body sources, which can in turn be enriched in a controlled condition; to be re-injected back at the desired location. Although, it is very crucial at this stage of regenerative medicine to fine tune number of stem cells to be infused and define injection site, so that maximum number of stem cells should reach the target for accelerated recovery; in the current medical practices, intra venous infusion, infusion in cerebrospinal fluid for brain and spinal disorder and intra muscular injection are practised commonly for various ailments.

More and more studies are going on to furnish different ways to isolate most potent cells of the body, without any additives, which may prove to be harmful, in later stage of life. The data accumulated from studies so far, indicates that although lot to be yet discovered in the field of regenerative medicine; so far, no evidence of risk or issue is detected. The studies have further confirmed stem cells to be safe, effective and feasible to apply, for the betterment of degenerative conditions. Moreover, various corporates have established their patents in formulating products, which can offer some therapeutic relief in degenerative condition, like arthritis, eye disorders, wound healing, etc.

Thus, science of stem cells is in a developing stage but with the current data obtained from studies; it definitely is showing very promising results, enough to consider it a mainstream medicine in a near future. 


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