Termite Treatment Chemical - Dursban, Premise, Agenda: Which One Should You Use?

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As we build up with our places of dwelling, the being living under the ground must surely be feeling left behind!  Perhaps, that’s the reason why, at many points in time, especially in moist and damp conditions, one can spot termite infestation in the homes. This can be dangerous for the building if not dealt with properly. It reduces the strength of the building and there is also a great loss of the aesthetics and hygiene of the place. Thus, Termite Treatment Chemical - Dursban, Premise, Agenda have been popularly used by professional termite treatment companies across the various parts of the globe.

While Dursban is traditionally-employed organophosphates that lie in the category of hazardous chemicals, other chemicals by Bayer used for the treatment of termite menace are Agenda and Premise.  Dursban is potential nerve function disruptor. The professional help is a must e when one has to deal with such chemicals that pose a threat to the well being of human beings if not employed properly. This is why it is always better to call professional services to do termite treatment.  The older used chemicals that are Agenda and Dursban are not termite repellent but kill termites and have a noxious smell. However, the latest player that is Premise has many favourable features and it is not w being popularly used. It falls under the category of termite repellents and does not produce any smell and is not noxious. However, the Termite Treatment Chemical - Dursban, Premise, Agenda should all be employed with care and by trained professionals.

A termite treatment company with the required amount of experience in the field and employing trained and licensed workers presents the best option for hire. The best part about hiring a professional company is that it can offer you specialised plans in accordance with your needs. The size of your home, the level, and the degree of infestation all are considered before providing a befitting treatment that rids of termites.

Cost-effective approach

The best part of hiring professional termite treatment service is that they give you effective pest control through guaranteed services at the best possible rates. The infested building would get treatment in accordance with its specific requirements. Thus complete value for the amount spent is received by the customers.


The termite treatment company would do its work in accordance with the safety norms set up by the authorities. Moreover, the worker's are trained and equipped to do the job using specialised machines for administering the chemicals. There is a minimisation of the chances of the occurrence of any hazards during the termite treatment process. The pesticides that have been procured by the professionals are in accordance with the norms by the authorities and from standard sources. Thus, these are of highest quality and can be administered to have a lasting effect up to 5 years.

You can choose your plan as per your suitability and budget from the services giving termite treatment. It is also better to be apprised about the uses of the Termite Treatment Chemical - Pest Control for being on the safer side!