Things to Know About DUI Oregon Laws and DUI Diversion Program

If you were pulled by law for driving under the influence or DUI (also known as driving under the influence of intoxicants or DUII) in Oregon, then this is something you should be taking very seriously. In Oregon, DUI first offense and DUI second offense are treated and trailed very seriously and this may require a strong assistance from a DUI lawyer in Eugene to resolve the matter. If you have not been charged with DUII in the past 15 years, then you can opt for Oregon DUI Diversion program.
What is DUI in Oregon?
In Oregon, the term “driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII)” is used instead of the term “driving under the influence (DUI)”. Here DUI and DUII are interchangeable. If you are found to be driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or more or your driving is being impaired by alcohol/drugs or a combination of these two can get you arrested under DUI laws.  
What is the DUI First Offense?
If you are booked for first DUI offense in Oregon, then you should hire an experienced Oregon DUI lawyer who can help you to avoid conviction. For most of the crimes, there is no rule for penalty unless you are convicted of the crime but if you are lawfully detained for DUI, there could be serious administrative consequences like suspension of driving licence and fees irrespective of whether you actually committed the crime or not. Once you are convicted of DUI, you have to bear additional criminal penalties.  
What is DUI Diversion Program?
The most common way to avoid conviction is the Oregon DUI Diversion program. Successful completion of DUI Diversion program dismisses you from the DUI charges and therefore you could not be detained for DUI charges. DUI Diversion program is the only alternative to take your DUI charges to trial or to pleading guilty/no contest to the charges. Oregon does not allow deferred prosecution, deferred judgement, additional deferrals, probation before verdict or plea to lesser included offenses like neglecting driving or irrational driving on DUI charges.  
Diversion program involves time and money of the arrested person. The person has to pay diversion fees and even the lawyer fees. He/she also has to take diversion program classes. To bypass conviction, you need to stick to the diversion agreement clause, which at the end will drop your charges and will keep your image clean of criminal conviction.
What is DUI Second Offense?
If you have repeatedly been accused with DUI charges in Oregon within last 15 years, then it is the case of DUI Second Offense. For such cases, Oregon has arrangements for trial dates scheduled within short time period and license suspension deadline also comes fast. For DUI second offenders, there are three options to settle the case for example settlement with guilty plea, case dismissal or taking the case on trial.  
For any DUI charges, you need to contact a reputable and experienced Oregon DUI lawyer to address your case in front of the court. Your lawyer can only arrange for a DUI Diversion program to save you from criminal conviction.