Tips to buy the most comfortable bed sheets!

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Good bed linen ensures a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night, which is vital for a person’s well-being. The current trend is “go green and organic”. Thus people are consciously making a healthier choice by purchasing bamboo sheets.  They are sustainable, softer than cotton and linen, naturally antimicrobial and moisture absorbing. They also keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.  Bamboo sheets have built-in resistance to mold and mildew courtesy of bamboo’s natural traits. The best bed sheets that are made from bamboo are known to be meticulously woven which yields high quality, soft and anti-allergenic luxury that is recommended for people of all age groups.

This simple guide to help you find and choose the high quality bamboo sheets. 

Will it shrink?

Shrinkage is probably the number one factor to consider in terms of quality build and manufacturing of your new sheets. Consumers usually trust a brand which can ensure their most comfortable sheets are of such high quality that will remain untouched and have the same size no matter how many washes passes by. Usually, bamboo sheets are preshrunk before you buy them, but just in case, it is worth checking to determine if the sheets will shrink after washing them.

Will they pull?

Good quality bamboo sheets are twill-woven from cellulose, which builds up the strength of the fabric, and prevents tears in the sheets. The threads should be resistant to pilling, fraying or unravelling. If you follow the care instructions, they'll stay in a good condition for long time.

Are they 100% bamboo or a blend?

There are essentially four different types of bamboo sheets - 100% Bamboo Viscose, Bamboo Lyocell (Tencel), Bamboo Cotton Blend and Bamboo Linen.

The most common one you are likely to find is 100% Bamboo Viscose. Bamboo sheets that are made out of rayon typically do not have any chemical residue left on them. Instead they have an adverse effect on the environment.

If you are looking for a material that is incredibly sustainable and completely modern then Bamboo Lyocell bedding is the way to go. In this process raw bamboo is taken and then dissolved using non-toxic solvents that produce a non-hazardous effluent. This means that you can get Bamboo Lyocell sheets without worrying too much about any adverse effects on the environment. These best bed sheets are stronger and softer than Viscose fabric. 

The third type of fabric is a blend of bamboo and cotton. You’ll find that most products contain a blend of 60 percent bamboo and 40 percent cotton. However, some products might have slightly more bamboo viscose than cotton. Although this material is very strong, it might not be as soft as you’d like. 

Bamboo linen is possibly the least appealing material of the four if you are concerned with using it for bedding. It is not particularly comfortable and it wrinkles easily.

How is the fabric woven?

Bamboo fibers can be woven in different ways that affect the final feel and performance of your sheets. The two main weave options are bamboo twill and sateen. Although both of these options are made from 100 percent bamboo, they each have a very different texture.

Twill weave is a very standard type of weave that you will find in many products. It’s quite a bit stronger than sateen, but doesn’t offer the same level of softness. It is known to shrink more than sateen. Twill creates a heavier fabric that can feel soft or crisp.It also helps to ensure that the most comfortable bedsheets stay soft with a natural luster.

Sateen weave leaves materials feeling silkier and often more luxurious. It is two times as soft as twill, but it must be properly cared for to ensure quality of life to last longer.

How about the Aftercare?

Just to make sure you don’t ruin your high-quality, luxury bamboo sheets on their first wash, a few recommendations you should either write down or make sure to remember. Be sure to find the manual washing tag on your set and follow instructions carefully to the dot.

Different bedding sheets will wash differently, even if both are a bamboo-based product. Do not mix other fabrics with your bamboo sheets in the washing machine.

This is your best bet to properly maintain your best bed sheets. Avoid using dry strips or bleach on bamboo sheets. If you stain your bamboo sheets, make sure you use natural stain removal products only.

Do they offer a manufacturer’s warranty or price guarantee?

There are bamboo sheets that come with a limited or 30-day warranty while there are those that come with a lifetime warranty or that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Make sure that you are reading the fine print when making any purchase.

Once you’ve slept on bamboo bed sheets, there is a good chance that you’ll never go back to your old bedding. Most people have trouble describing what it feels like to sleep on most comfortable sheets made from bamboo.