Top 3 magical herbs for your hair

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Have you ever visited one of the best hair salons in New York? Do you remember that incredible feeling, when you leave the salon and your hair is so soft and shiny? Do you want to achieve the same effect without leaving your bath? Our blog will tell you how to do that!


Since the beginning of time humanity have been using herbs as a natural remedy for solving all kinds of health problems. It is not surprising that even today people use herbs to get a beautiful, strong, and shiny hair. The list of extremely useful herbs is huge, but we defined three the most effective of them.


#1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be used not only to improve your face skin but also to help you to grow out strong and healthy hair. Thanks to salicylic acid natural anti-inflammatory and mild anti-biotic – Aloe Vera reduces dead skin cells and excessive sebum from your scalp, so you can forget about dandruff and greasy strands.


#2. Basil

Do you like exotic basil and ginger tea or some green salads? If your answer is “Yes”, you should know that these tasty greens can make your damaged hair shiny again. Just rinse your locks with basil infusion and have a strong and long hair.


#3. Hibiscus

Hibiscus considers being one of the most popular and beautiful house plants. I couldn’t even imagine that it`s blossom, together with coconut oil, serve as an excellent mask for dry and weak hair. All you need is to apply it regularly to your hair.


Bring your desire to have a marvellous hair in life with the tips by the best hair salons in New York.


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