Top Domestic Use of Shade Sails

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Shade Sails

Shade sails are a growing trend worldwide—not just on the Gold Coast. Their sleek styles and practical functionality make for an attractive and novel solution for the basic problems of shade and protection from the elements.

Below is a list of the top benefits from having Shade Sails:

  • Protection from the sun – While shade sails may be used for a wide variety of things, its primary function is always to protect you and your family from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. Adequate shade—especially during times when the sun is at its brightest—is very important. Shade sails are perfect for blocking out severely damaging UV rays completely. This is a good thing because excessive exposure to all bands of ultraviolet radiation will result in chronic damaging effects on the skin, eyes, and the immune system. It also makes skin age prematurely and severely increases the risk of skin cancer.
  • Protection from harsh winds – Shade sails can also protect the home, the yard, and your car from excessive gusts of winds that may damage paint or blow an unhealthy amount of dust or debris at them. Some locations are just naturally inclined to experience isolated gusts that can make yard upkeep or outdoor parking a hassle. Installing a shade sail to exert some control over this phenomenon is the best thing to do.
  • Family Barbecues – An outdoor yard is rendered useless without adequate shade and protection for your family and your guests from harsh elements. Family barbecues are a perfect outdoor activity that is enhanced when shade sails are put up. Family members and relatives won’t have to think twice about accepting your invitation for a barbecue because shade sails offer a more comfortable and breathable activity area than traditional tarps and other fixed shade structures.
  • Outdoor Gatherings and functions – Outdoor functions and business gatherings offer a more relaxed and arguably more productive experience than the traditional functions done indoors. Coworkers and bosses alike will appreciate the change in scenery and the fresh, open surroundings. What they won’t appreciate is the glare of the midday sun or harsh gusts that will be blowing at them at full force. Installing a shade sail will ensure that those problems never come to fruition. Additionally, their dual combination of style and functionality is bound to turn some heads.