The Truly Certified Astrological Gemstones Online

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GemKart - The USP (Unique Selling Point) of Gemkart is our gems are selected by gemologist and certified from recognized gem testing laboratories.

There are  more than hundred thousands of so-called 'Certified' gemstones that are being sold in India on daily basis. But the question is what is the authenticity of the certificate? Is the certification issuing laboratory run by a professional gemologist? In most of the cases, the answer to the above question is, NO.

But, at GemKart, the picture is different from this.

And you must be thinking about what set us apart from others or what should be the reason that you buy Certified Gemstones Online from GemKart.

We believe in gem disclosure policy, which means that gemstone authenticity/ genuineness should be informed to the customer before its purchase. We offer genuine and natural gemstones selected by professional gemologist and which are certified by well established & recognized laboratories. We ourselves are professional gemologist from the world’s best gemological institutes. Before, we source a gemstone; we thoroughly check each and every gem with a gem microscope, spectroscope, refractometer and many other gem testing equipments to make sure that the gem is genuine and natural.

Major regions where gems are found:

(a)Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj): Sri Lanka, Burma, India.

(b)Blue Sapphire (Neelam): Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Burma, Africa.

(c)Emeralds: Columbia, Zambia India, Brazil, Russia.

(d)Ruby (Manik): Burma, India, Africa, and Mozambique.

(e)Corals: India, Japan and Europe.

(f)Garnets: Sri Lanka, India Africa.

(g)Opals: Australia, Africa, and Ethiopia

(h)Cats Eye: Kanakkhet, India.

(i)Pearl: Basra in Iran, Venezuela, Japan.

(j)Diamond: Africa, Canada and Australia.

Assurance of Genuine Gemstones - We assures you that at GemKart (, all our products are genuine and natural. We believe in ethical practice of selling right products. Each of our Gemstone goes through 8 different kinds of tests of inspection.  WE DO NOT SELL SYNTHETIC OR SIMULANT PRODUCTS.