Usher in the transparency in deals with the introduction of the online tenders

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Any developing economy will face enormous challenges on its way towards growth and development. The South African economy is no different in this matter. Bogged down in the past by issues such as apartheid, there is a need for the SMMEs to contribute their best to the overall growth of the country’s economy. This would entail a great deal of transparency in the way the Government communicates with these SMMEs. This is where the companies such as would be of great assistance. They can simplify the issuance of the Government tenders to enable a sustainable growth in the industry as a whole.

The problem on hand:

Statistics show that there has been an alarming decline in the number of start-up industries. In fact, it shows that more units are closing down instead of establishing themselves in the industry. The major fallout of the closure of these industries would result in a growth in the unemployment figures in the country. This growth can have disastrous consequences, especially in the law and order situation. This would effectively stall the progress of the entire nation. 

The challenges:

The last five years have seen the closure of more than a hundred thousand units closing down on an annual basis. On an average, these SMMEs employ around twelve to fifteen people. You can imagine the extent of unemployment because of the closure of these half a million SMMEs during the past five years. Reviving the growth of these SMMEs should be foremost on the minds of the Governments.

The solution:

The company, can play a vital role in this revival. They can improve the communication channels between the Governments and the SMMEs by streamlining the process of issuing of online tenders. In doing so, they would ensure the transparency in the deals between the SMMEs and the Governments. 

The SMMEs would be able to procure the Governmental contracts through these tenders. Once they procure these orders, they would need the employee strength to execute the same. This would allow the SMMEs to encourage employment of the local South African workforce. An increase in the employment figures can bring about an automatic improvement in the law and order situation in the country. 

The Company also plays a great role in helping these SMMEs obtain the requisite financial assistance for enabling the growth. It does so by improving the correspondence and communication between the different SMMEs. They can now share vital information that could mutually benefit each industry. 

The role of the company:

The best part of is that it allows you to have free membership. In becoming a member, you would be able to participate in the Government tender issue in an easier manner. You would be able to advertise your requirements as well. Finding a raw material supplier for your products would become easy due to the increased level of transparency and communication between the members of the group. This can also enable the individual SMMEs to attend the membership events and develop a healthy relationship with them. 

Final words:

These measures can encourage growth in the economy of the nation as a whole.