Using the Google API with GTalk

The API v3 allows client applications to view and update your client application can use API v3 to enables you to integrate with your application by using the REST APIs. For developers who want to write applications that can interact with the JSON API. A tool for creating websites to publish their thoughts.

APIs needs to identify your application to Google. There are two ways to identify your application using an Auth2.0 token using the application's API Key. Then the application must provide an OAuth 2.0 token with the request. The application may also provide the API key. The application must provide either the API key or an OAuth 2.0 token.

API data model:

It represents a blog resource and post resource is a child resource, Comment resource is a specific post for a child resource and page resource is a static page for a data model. Go with this Android Online Training for more.




A Posts gathering comprises of the considerable number of posts assets inside a particular websites asset. A pages accumulation comprises of the considerable number of pages assets inside a particular web journals asset. A client's accumulation comprises of the considerable number of clients assets on Blogger, and in this way can't be recorded.


Let us know about Google Talk

Google Talk is built which XMPP the IETF standard protocol. Features and protocol encourages third parties to develop their own for the development of Google Talk, to implement features not already found in XMPP by the Google Talk clients and servers.

They can design a client that can take advantage of specific Google Talk features. Google Talk network supports interoperability service for a federation one service can communicate with users on another service with each service. XMPP extensions used by Google Talk for these extensions may become XEP extensions in the future. Are you ready to learn Android Online Training Hyderabad.

Google Talk Developer:

Libjingle: It is an open source C++ that you can use to build more applications from one-to-one for a voice, video and file sharing. It handles the code by both connections, data exchange.

Google Talk XMPP extensions: It describes a non-standard XMPP extensions used by the Google Talk server. To build an XMPP client, you can use for a greater functionality to your application.

Google Talk and Open Communications:  You must answer some basic questions for the protocol and codecs for federation.

IM Cilents:


The Google Talk benefit is worked to help industry guidelines. You can interface with the Google Talk benefit utilizing Google's own customer, and additionally numerous other IM customers created by outsiders. Utilize the table beneath to enable you to pick which customer is ideal

·         Libjingle ships with two summon line test applications

·         Call is a voice visit test application.

·         PCP is a record sharing example application.

Sample Application:

The sample elements of how these example applications function are given in the connected segments. The two specimens utilize an assistant arrangement, login. This an assistant application utilized by both call and the record share test application to sign into a server.

Establishment and aggregation headings are given in the read me and The Windows manufacture right now requires that you introduce the Platform SDK.


The applications incorporate logging code that print messages to the stdout stream. These messages incorporate approaching and active stanza esteems and mistake esteems. See Logging for more data about changing the logging settings.

File Share sample application:

The record share test application is a charge line application that sends documents starting with one PC then onto the next. To run this program, you should have a Gmail account, or else you should alter the code to utilize an alternate server. For testing purposes, you can send a document to yourself by running two cases of the specimen program.


 1.) Start the file receiver

Begin the occasion of the program that will get the documents. The customer takes no parameters, just choices. Determine the - d alternative to show logging data, which incorporates XMPP stanzas sent and got, which can be extremely helpful for understanding the program.


2.) Start the file sender with a list of files

The rundown of records is delimited by spaces. Duplicating records from parent registries may not function admirably on Windows frameworks; for best execution, duplicate documents from the present catalog or lower. If you are interested to learn Android Online Training Bangalore Visit it.