What You Can Expect Following a Hair Transplant Procedure

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When a person at any age experiences hair loss, the only way to cope with is hair transplant surgery. Hair loss can be because of aging and many other causes. Hair loss is more serious if the reasons are genetic and hormonal since the treatment for such type of hair loss is only a surgical treatment. Genetic hair loss is generally called pattern hair loss and it can be diagnosed easily with the help of a certain pattern that occurs on the head. With the help of a Hair transplant surgeon in Ahmedabad, it is not tough to diagnose the root cause and to treat the problem.

Hair transplant surgery is an awesome treatment for hair loss and generates positive results most of the time but still, some patients want to know about the period of recovery after the surgery. In fact, the work of the surgeon and patients is not finished just after the surgery and a lot of factors are involved in the recovery process.

The following factors may affect the results of the surgery:

Cautions and instructions:

The results of the hair transplant are not immediate and yo have to wait for fuller results. You have to follow the instructions provided by the surgeon after the surgery. With the instructions, there are some cautions that are considered by the patients at any cost.

The time to start daily activities:

You need complete rest after the surgery and it needs some time for your body to get back to the work. You must start any activity after have a meeting with the surgeon.

Pain management:

Some discomfort is normal after the surgery and the surgeon prescribe medicines for minimizing the pain. If your discomfort is unbearable, you should contact your surgeon immediately. In case of infection, the surgeon will prescribe you a suitable prescription.

Recovery time:

As mentioned above, postoperative instructions and pain management are essential parts of the start of your recovery process. Generally, the patients are advised to come to the clinic with an assistant with whom you may leave the clinic to reach your home.

Crusting or scabbing around the treated area is generally observed for almost a week. After two or three weeks, the transplanted hair may fall completely and this hair shedding is a normal stage of the recovery process. The hair follicles will grow new hair soon with full strength and thickness.

As it is clear, recovery of the hair transplant surgery depends on the combined efforts of the surgeon and patient. The surgeons are always ready to help but patients also need to follow the constructions provided by the surgeons. The Avenues clinic has a great team to assist you at any step of the surgery and additionally, the clinic is providing reasonable Hair transplant price in Ahmedabad. Thus, this is the best place for the best treatment and fast recovery for the patients.