When to Repair or Replace Your Windshield

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One of the most commonly asked Chandler auto care questions is when it is necessary or even possible to repair windshield vs replacing it. Whether it is a small chip from flying debris or a gaping hole from a boulder, damage to a windscreen inevitably occurs. There are a number of factors that dictate whether the windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced entirely.

Size and depth of the damage

Generally speaking, any crack less than three inches long or any chip less than an inch diameter should be relatively easy to repair. This was not always possible in the past but with new technology, it is easier to repair longer cracks and wider chips, of course to a point. The Chandler windshield repair can only be assessed on an individual basis so it is necessary to speak to a technician. You can always get a second opinion if you do not trust the assessment.

Type of damage

There are many different types of cracks including;

  1. Bulls-Eye which is circular damage typically caused by circular objects
  2. Star Break which includes radial cracks emanating from the point of impact
  3. Partial Bulls-Eye which as the name suggests is not completely circular. It is still caused by circular objects
  4. Crack chip this is one crack that does not exceed the size of a quarter

The point whether a crack can be repaired largely depends on what type of crack it is. Generally speaking however, most cracks that do not exceed the size of a quarter can be repaired. It is worth noting however that multiple cracks are much more difficult to repair if at all.


Unfortunately, even the best Chandler auto glass repair can sometimes leave behind unevenness, mistiness or discoloration. This can reduce visibility if the repair was performed in the driver’s line of sight. Depending on the driver’s line of sight, a technician may go ahead with the repair or recommend replacing the windshield all together. The line of sight largely depends on the height of the driver.

Cracks or chips that are very near or at the edge of the windshield can seriously affect the integrity of the windshield so repair may still pose a safety risk to the driver and/or passengers.

A good technician from a reputable auto shop can assess the damage and make a professional decision on the best cause of action. It is important to choose a reputable shop to ensure that the technician is not recommending replacement simply because he does not have the skill or equipment for repairs.