White iPhone 6S glass lens for sale

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Colour: Dark
Display Dimension: four. 7 inches
Materials: Cup
Compatibility: apple iphone 6S

● This particular iPhone 6S glass lens along with frame is actually a fresh unique replacement.
● The actual apple iphone 6S screen replacement consists of the actual cup zoom lens as well as digitizer frame. It doesn't possess contact perform.
● The actual apple iphone 6S cup replacement will come in monochrome, this is actually the dark 1.
● This particular cup replacement can be used with regard to apple iphone 6S just.

How you can Set up or Ideas:
● Unique fixing resources? are needed with regard to putting together or even disassembling the actual iPhone 6S glass lens.
● Make sure you attempt to manage the actual restore or even replacement function inside a dried out as well as dirt free of charge atmosphere without having sunlight.
● Installing any kind of brand new part ought to be carried out with a competent individual. Rootmi? isn't accountable for any kind of harm triggered throughout set up.

Energy from the apple iphone 6S as well as take away the SIM card holder along with durante remove pin number device.
Undo the two getting interface screws having a Pentalobe screwdriver.
Appear the actual LCD set up through raising upward the space having a suction mug device as well as place the situation starting device between, caught the actual sides release a the actual LCD set up.
Undo the actual four screws release a the actual steel safety include after which lightly raise in the flex ribbon connectors release a the entire iPhone 6S LCD assembly. Be cautious, there is adhesive beneath.
Undo the actual 3 screws release a the actual steel group since the earpiece.
Take away the earpiece as well as entrance digital camera along with sensor.
Undo the two screws, after that pry in the steel group, the actual bend connection as well as adhesive release a the actual set up.