Why FUT hair transplant should be preferred over FUE hair transplant in young age

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When you are facing severe hair loss, it is never easy to find a trained hair transplant surgeon in Ahmedabad. However, due to the efforts of the Avenues clinic, the patients have a great chance to receive trusted treatment options with advanced facilities. The team of the Avenues clinic is able to perform both the main procedure of hair transplant called Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction. Both of the procedure is the best at any age but young people are more curious about the most effective procedure since they do not want to ruin the results of the surgery.

The decision of the best technique for young is not easy and for this, we must know some basic things about each of the procedure.


FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant is comparatively an old technique and used widely by the patients. In the procedure, a strip of tissues is removed from the scalp and it is harvested to achieve hair grafts to transplant to bald areas.


FUE has a different approach in removing the hair follicles from the donor area. During the procedure, the hair follicles are removed directly from the scalp one by one and then, the surgeon transplant them to the bald scalp.

Which is the best at the young age?

Young patients are more worried about the results of the hair transplant surgery and therefore they try to know about the effects of both of the procedures. First of all, the surgeon diagnoses the condition of the scalp and then they check your donor area. Their first aim is always providing good results with preserving donor area for the future in case of a hair transplant at the young age.

Most of the patients prefer FUT hair transplant at the young age because it is possible to cover a large area in a short period if FUT or Strip surgery is applied. In the young age, there may be a need for further hair transplant surgery and then, FUE can be used and the hair can be removed from other areas of the body as well.

As we can easily observe that for young patients, deciding about an appropriate hair transplant technique is a not an easy step and the patients must visit an authentic clinic to look for a hair transplant surgeon in Ahmedabad. However, most of the hair restoration experts agree that FUT is a preferable option but final decision always depends on the condition of the scalp and current situations. In brief, the decision must be made by an authentic and experienced surgeon.