Why it is important for the Preschool to have a home like environment

“It takes a Big Heart to help shape little minds”

Early child care at the preschool cannot take place minus the passion to work with little children and insight on age-specific growth development that takes place. Along with requiring a great deal of patience, energy and the ability to see the world through a little child’s eyes. Only then is the preschool able to offer a learning experience that actively engages with the child, connects with them, stimulates them and contributes towards their growth. Considering that preschool is the first alien environment a child spends a significant number of hours in, away from home, it is natural that he might not be entirely accepting of going to the preschool. When this situation arises, it acts as a big hurdle in the child’s development and engagement needs being met at the preschool. Recognizing this factor, leading preschool chains have endeavored to create a home like environment within the preschool.

For a child, any place minus the presence of a parent can appear strange. So, how does one make preschool a place that the child connects with and looks forward to? With special attention to certain factors, preschool can go from being a building to a place of learning with a warm touch, that the preschooler only previously received at home. Let’s look at three pillars that leading preschools have built upon to make their preschool chains favorable amongst children and thereby viable options to parents:

Ambience: The structure look, designs, color scheme, etc. do have a psychological effect on how the child views the preschool. With this in mind, leading preschool chains have guidelines that dictate how their preschool branches should look. Giving them the appeal color, generous spacing, and artistic characters with a life-like resemblance – the preschool automatically looks like the world through a child’s eyes. Additionally, with child-friendly furniture, non-toxic attractive toys, etc. they immediately ease any anxiety or discomfort the child might be facing, post the parent leaving.

Trained teachers: Having trained teachers is another integral factor that contributes to the home-like environment of the child. This is because having trained in Early Child Care Education, any parent will be at ease to entrust their children. Plus, the teachers will know how to teach, support and help the preschooler in the best way possible. Leading Preschool chains ensure their teachers are certified and have their background-verified, making them figures you and the child can trust with a sense of assurance.

Safety: Home is synonymous with safety. And this is even more amplified for a young child between 3-5 years of age. In a new environment, if the child feels safe, it is half the battle won. A sense of security makes the child feel more comfortable and open to absorb the most out of his learning experience at the preschool. To create a safe environment, safety measures like CCTV monitoring, security personnel, medically-trained staff, etc. are important to protect the child from any potential harm.