Workout from Within Jeff Halevy

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Clearly, this isn’t your normal gym. And you can see that when you first walk in. The former art gallery space has 17-foot ceilings and gallery lighting. The first floor features Olympic lifting platforms, treadmills, bikes and functional training equipment. The lower level looks like a spa, with private full bathrooms and a yoga studio. Halevy himself is a certified fitness guru; recognized as an authority on behavioral health, jeff halevy nutrition and exercise science. He is a contributing fitness expert on NBC’s TODAY Show and the program designer for First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign.

While a six-pack may have been the "carrot on a string" for our participants, they have all gotten to enjoy a far better carrot: health. Yes, they have lost weight, but they have done so in a healthy, sustainable fashion over six months, and in a way that both improved their lifestyles, attitudes towards exercise, and physical well-being.

Now, his guarantee on improved fitness isn’t an eye-ball test. He gives each client five quantitative tests that measure strength, flexibility and mobility, cardio-pulmonary fitness and measure body composition using hydrostatic weighing, better known as underwater weighing, which is regarded as the gold standard for measure body composition.