Yepi Penalty Shootout

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Did you get bored with the action games available for video game lovers? Do you want to discover something new and focus on it for a little time? Are you into football playing this amazing game multiple times when being a child? Yepi penalty shootout is designed just for you and players having the same taste and goals like you. Once you start playing the game you will feel as if you are watching a World Cup where the list of the countries participating is illustrated on the screen. Your first step will be choosing the countries that need to play against each other. The countries are quite various – ranging from Group A to Group H. In group A you will have the options of South Africa, Uruguay, Mexico and France, in Group B you will see Argentina, Nigeria, Greece and South Korea, etc. Choose the country and press select and you will appear in a real football pitch with a real goal keeper and a player who is attempting to score a goal. The advertisement sheets are advertizing the logo of the game – Yepi, and it is written with bright colored letters all across the pitch. The uniforms of the players depend on the team and the creators of the game have tried to adjust to the real uniforms of those countries’ teams, like if you select Brazil, you will see that your player is wearing their typical yellow T-shirt and Green Shorts. On the left bottom corner you will see a score dashboard vividly illustrating the scores of both the teams by visiting

Like in a real football match, in Yepi Penalty Shootout as well you will see a big amount of spectators cheering their favorite team up with real noise and sound and a cheering music. Your player will have a ball in front of him and has to score a goal when the time comes but the goalkeeper will do his best to prevent you from scoring a goal by all means. This is a rather challenging game in this respect as scoring a goal is not that easy as it may seem to you at first glance. If you are lucky enough to score a goal you will be at the spotlight and the journalists will take your photos and the moments’ photos. Then the next round will start immediately. The results will be marked on the dashboard. The goalkeeper is quite strong however, and scoring a goal will take time and effort.

The attempts are multiple and unlimited, you can practice as much as you can until you become fluent to complete the level and advance through the game. You can also download a list of world cup and earn money in this amazing and entertaining game. You will spend your time in a more entertaining and interesting way than ever. You can play Yepi Penalty shootout either alone or with a group of friends and hang out with them around an entertaining and amazing game ever.