You Might Have These 7 Symptoms When You are Wearing Braces

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For some people who have uneven or overhanging teeth, braces can be one of the solutions to make their tooth arrangement neat and perfect. Of course this is done due to any health reasons to increase confidence. Wearing braces today is no longer an embarrassment, it is now more to the trend or even some people deliberately wear braces just for style, but the arrangement of their teeth is not problematic.

Although it has become commonplace and tends to be a "trend" of its own, wearing braces of course not as interesting as it looks. People who use braces on their teeth must feel the discomfort, anything that only people with braces on their teeth feel? Here's the review.

  1. Teeth Cramps

The word cramp is deliberately used because it is felt by the user braces at certain times it is more than just a pain. Certain moments are meant when the first braces are installed and when mounting the rubber that put together one bracket to another (some call it rubber cross). When braces are first set, one jaw will feel "cramp" and pain when eating.

Pain that feels like hit the wall, but this one jaw and usually within 3-7 days. Similarly, when the braces should be replaced with wire that is bigger size than before. The sensation of "cramp" is also felt. If for rubber cross, "cramp" is also felt, but usually in a shorter time.

  1. Oral Thrush

In this case, the canker sores experienced by the braces users are usually due to the friction of the end of the wire that affects the inside of the cheek, or it could happen because of the bracket itself. But the severity of canker sores is dependent on each braces users.

  1. Get Worried while eating

Braces users will surely feel anxious. Worrying that there is food left over or involved in the bracket has become something that is always felt by braces users when eating. Moreover, braces users will not cut the food by using the front of their teeth as when people do not wear braces bite hot dogs and so forth, because if it is done the worries it will get worse. Therefore, the patient should frequently check his teeth and keep his teeth clean.

  1. Feel Soreness when Putting on Rubber Bands

Every visit to the dentist, usually 2 weeks, the braces user will replace the colorful rubber. When the rubber is one by one attached to the bracket, the dentist uses a special tool such as a small shot. When the rubber is "fired" into the bracket, the teeth immediately attached to the bracket will feel painful. But this is only a moment and soon disappears. There are some bracket users who worry that their teeth are broken when the rubber is "fired".

  1. Use Specific Toothbrush

Users of braces usually use a special orthodontic toothbrush that is different from a toothbrush in general. The difference lies in the center of the toothbrush bristles, where the toothbrush of the orthodontic brush line of the middle toothbrush is lower than the bristle brush on the edge, in other words, the bristle brush is designed to adjust the shape of the bracket. This is intended to brush your toothbrush to reach the "grooves" that exist in the teeth and bracket.

  1. Confuse with Rubber colors Selection

As mentioned earlier, that each visits to the dentist, the braces user will replace the old rubber with a new rubber which can be selected from any color which will be worn until the next visit time. Well, when proffered with rubber bracket which is available in various colors, that's when the braces user often feel confused about choosing the color of rubber.

Because if it turns out that the selected rubber color was less suitable for braces users, then it could be for approximately 2 weeks that the user braces will feel uncomfortable if they show up their braces.

  1. Change of Rubber colors

Although it can be said to be rare and is only valid on certain rubber colors, when the rubber selected color is changing its color, then the patient will feel uncomfortable. Usually, the colors that can change or fade are bright colors like white, pink, yellow, and so on. If you wish to find out more about braces, please go to

The changes in rubber color occur due to the patient drinking warm tea, or it could be because the rubber used is too long to wear and the lag time of the visit tends to be longer or more than 2 weeks.