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how to pick out a high-quality flight case

Flight case quality detection method

Nowadays due to uneven flight cases product quality is good or bad on the market, it’s very necessary for consumers to understand the quality detection method.

Let RK introduce some simple and easy to use and very effective method for you.


1, we should first check the flight cases appearance:

Check if the cases surface is smooth, without scratches, flaws.

Compared - No-Fuss christmas hamper gifts Programs

Christmas is an event that brings joy, love and a sense of togetherness for everyone. It is also a time when everyone likes to talk about and present presents to loved ones. These days, Christmas Hamper Gifts are very popular with many men and women. The taste is mostly because there are unlimited options and a variety of things can be added to the present hamper. The basket is offered in a variety of sizes so those who would like to provide the gift can select the right size according to affordability and requirement.

Seven Must Have Things For Your Travelling

While preparing for a trip, we always forget something, so that’s why we asked the best stylists at barber shops in Manhattan to make a list of essential things which you need during any travelling. Check them out!


#1 Razor

Even if you don’t shave at all, razor must be in your bag for sure. Who knows - maybe you’ll find some beautiful lady and will ask her for a date, and there is no place for excessive hair.


#2 Daily cleanser

Four Steps To Use a Curling Wand

Bored of straight locks and want to add some curls in your style? Check out these four steps on how you can use a simple curling wand to make gorgeous tresses provided by the top specialists at the best hair salons in New York!


#1 Setting a solid foundation

Wash hair with some organic shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry (we will heat locks, and there is no need in a double damaging). Brush hair with a tangle-neat, when it will dry a little bit  -never do it with wet locks.

Compress Image in Android using ImageZipper Library

We all know that good UI is important key factor for app success and for UI informative image is most important. But nowadays we don’t care about the size of that image which makes app bigger and bigger in size. ImageZipper is an image compression library which helps you to compress your images both in default and custom way. It allows you to control you the width, height, format, orientation and quality of Image. It ease out the task to send images to the server.

How to Android Image Compression Using ImageZipper Library?


How to Use FileStack File Picker for Cloud in Android ?

FileStack File Picker for Cloud in Android
FileStack Android allow your users to pull in their content from Dropbox, Facebook, and more! It is an amazing cloud integrated file picker by which you got ability to integrate and allow your users to upload and download content from more than 20 cloud drives. FileStack Android library provides an activity that your app can spawn that allows the user to open and save files.

FileStack Android Example

Revealing hair myths

Modern society dictates us how we should live, what to wear and how to style our hair. Such foundations generate different myths about everything around us, including hair. Can we pluck gray strands? Cut our hair more often in order to make it grow faster? Avoid chemicals and naturally moisturize scalp? What about training our hair? These are the most common questions every person asks herself about at least once in a life. Stop torturing yourself, searching the Internet in sears for answers.

Four Best Foods For Hair Growth

Many men struggle with a hair loss problem. The reasons of it can be different: inconsistent nutrition, too much of hormones in your organism, deficiency of some necessary vitamins and minerals, etc. We asked the best barbers in NYC to tell us more about the right nutrition and how it can affect on a fast and strong hair growth, so check out the four top foods for mane growth.


#1 Legumes

The most effective method to Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Home


They say estimate isn't all that matters. With regards to your home, however, none of us would state no to a smidgen additional. Here in the UK, we have the littlest living spaces in Europe by a significant extensive edge. There are, in any case, many points of interest to living in a more conservative home.


Best styling products for faded haircuts

Without any doubts, faded hairstyles are on top in this season. Cool gradation effect on your sides, temples or even both can modernize and improve any type of cut, making it the hottest trend of summer 2017. As any other style, faded haircuts require peculiar styling efforts, in order to look neat and attractive. However, it is not so easy task to complete, as it may seem at the first glance. That is why our professionals at the best barber shop, NY offer you top three best fade hairstyle products.


Best herbs for hair growth

People used herbs for nourishing their hair and scalp moisturizing for decades and XI century is not an exception. If you feel sick and tired of chemicals, but want to boost your hair growth and keep your hair healthy, herbs are right for you. The overall list of herbs, useful for your hair and body is endless, that is our professionals at Midtown barbershop created a list of top 3 magical herbs for you. These are the best choice you can possibly make, treating your locks in our century.


House Wallpaper Preparation


A gigantic assortment of lovely house backdrop is currently accessible in stores the nation over. In case you're amidst a renovating venture you've presumably been collecting swatches and tests. Here is the methodology for papering once you've chosen an example.



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