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Bobbleheads collection like a hobby?

Bobbleheads toys are actually here for over two hundred years now. During this lengthy time time period, they've got viewed a lot of chances in their creating too within the way they were used, but regardless of each transform, they're still as popular, or might be even more well-liked now they were a number of hundred years in the past. Bobbleheads toys are currently being liked and appreciated by folks of all age groups. You'll be able to discover them in motor vehicle dashboards at the same time as in hands of children who loves to play with them.

Essential tips for pre-shaving routine

Everybody wants a perfect shave, but not everybody knows the importance of pre-shaving routine for a good shave. We prepared a list of useful tips for you to prepare for your shaving right:

Tip #1 Warm water

You’ll need a lot of warm water, actually, the whole shower! Warm water moisturizes your hair, making it soft, weak and therefore easier to shave.

Tip #2 Cleaning


Too much hair down the drain? First signs of balding? Check out these easy ways to fight hair loss and stay confident.

Way #1 Provide gentle care


Your hair is probably extremely sensitive and vulnerable to damage, thus requiring gentle care. Start from switching to mild shampoos and conditioners that will provide gentle cleaning and rich hydration.

Way #2 Maintain healthy diet



Tip #1 Do it quickly


Bangs tend to dry very fast because they’re shorter than the rest of your hair. Take care of them before they start living their own life and turn your day into horror.


Tip #2 Buy the right brush


You’re highly recommended to use paddle or flat brush to keep your bangs straight. In case you have only round brush, don’t wrap your hair around it, unless you want to look like you’re from 80-s.


Tip #3 Apply dry shampoo



Your hair doesn't like sun as much as you do. Learn how to protect your precious locks from sun with our simple tips.


Tip #1 Cover your head


The simplest way to keep your locks protected is to cover your head with cute hat or light scarf. Moreover, this accessory will add to your unique summer look.


Tip #2 Especially your ends


Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and the most susceptible to damage. Hide them under your hat or in a cute hairdo like a bun or ponytail.



Tip #1 Cold water


Hot showers are better to be finished with cold water rinse to seal cuticle and hold moisture. It’s cold but it works!


Tip #2 DIY masques


You don’t have to make an appointment at hair salon for treating your hair to nutritious masques. There are plenty of products you can use at home – eggs, avocado, beer, mayonnaise and even banana!


Tip #3 Nutritious diet


The positive effect of gelatin hair mask.

Gelatin is the final product of the processing of animal connective tissue. That is why it includes a lot of protein, amino acid, collagen, various trace elements. Together, these components strengthen our hair and nails. Gelatine is mainly used for food, but it often serves as a base for hair masks. Efficiency gelatin masks can be compared with the effect of lamination hair: hair is smooth, purchase volume and natural shine, receive the necessary nutrition, strengthened. Gelatin masks are useful for all hair types. Owners of dry, thin, porous, damaged hair will notice visible effect.


Step #1 Consult an expert


We highly recommend not to try to go blonde at home although salon procedure might be a pricey investigation. But professional can assess a state of your hair and choose the best way for you to do it without causing excessive damage.


Step #2 Take a good care



Do brittle, dry and lifeless locks mean reaching for scissors? No, at least not with our simple tips for bringing damaged hair back to life!


Tip #1 Revitalize with conditioner


Brittleness, breakage and dryness is a cry for a deep conditioning treatment that will coat each lock with a protective film and recover healthiness. Our choice is Bumble and bumble mending conditioner that fights with damage without impacting color or chemical treatment.


Tip #2 Don’t increase damage



Nobody likes the idea of having oily hair that looks dull and untidy. But the life of your hair is saved because we’ve prepared some useful rules for you:

Rule 1 – Wash less

It might sound a bit crazy, but it really helps! Everyday shampooing isn’t a good idea because of ingredients that can only worsen your problem.

Rule 2 – Choose right hair products

Heavy conditioners, mousses and gels are one of the reasons of oily hair. Become best friends with dry shampoos for a quick fix.

Rule 3 – Eat healthy

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How to Write an Autobiography

Whether good, bad, happy or sad, everyone has a story inside of them.   If you think you’ve lived an extraordinary life that others would find compelling, then writing an autobiography is the best way to share your story with the world. The whole premise of writing an autobiography is to write a story about your life that encapsulates the people, events and milestones of your journey in a way that’s both captivating and entertaining.

Omaha Fashion Week selects top 12 designers


Omaha Fashion Week has selected its top dozen designers for its upcoming run of shows.

A selection panel made up of five fashion professionals judged collections from the six-day fashion show’s 30 designers, taking into account design innovation, how the collection will show on the runway, construction quality, marketability, profitability and designer professionalism, in that order.


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