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Learnnovators gazes into the future of e-learning with Mike Rustici

ABOUT THIS INTERVIEW SERIES: ‘Crystal Balling with Learnnovators’,is a thought-provoking interview series that attempts to gaze into the future of e-learning. It comprises stimulating discussions with industry experts and product evangelists, on emerging trends in the learning landscape. In this interview, Learnnovators speaks with Mike Rustici, whose company is leading the world towards adoption of the Tin Can API, the successor to SCORM. ABOUT MIKE RUSTICI (President, Rustici Software):

Halfmantr is the best website to crack IAS Exam

All students want to crack civil services exam. Halfmantr is the best website for the preparation of IAS exam and upsc exam. The leadership enthusiasts of today would want the captain to be "charismatic" or "transforming"—to provide a clear and inspiring vision to followers. For example, if the aircraft carrier captain were a Visionary Hero, he might choose to say: "We must remember our mission! We're here to protect our country.

Career in Animation: Scope, Future, and Benefits


Career in animation is relatively new as compared to other traditional careers in manufacturing, services, or research. Animation is a combination of art and technologies wherein moving images are created in 2d and 3d to impress, educate, and entertain viewers and users. Animation involves creation of images from as simple as a leaves falling from a tress to a full fledged online computer game. The application of this from of creation is varied and its scope unlimited.

How to Choose the Best Acupuncture College

If you're just venturing out now to try to learn how and where you can earn an acupuncture degree and what it is like to work in the field, this article may help you. Acupuncture has been practiced in China for 2,000 years or more it is thought and some say it's probably more like 3,000 years or so. Most of the states in the U.S. require students to complete a three to five year program from accredited acupuncture schools and then pass a state board exam in order to get licensed. Schools may offer both the science and the philosophy of acupuncture too.

Books for IAS Test is conducted by the man of letters and acumen

Clearly understanding an evaluation model of this type and its underlying performance metrics is important in that it will be the primary measuring stick that will be utilized by procurement to gauge delivery quality. As we discussed in the previous books for IAS procurement is taking a much more aggressive role in evaluating the quality of the vendor base and removing those vendors that do not meet the requisite quality standards.

Selenium Corporate Training Helps In Gaining Perfection By Employees

IT industry is growing at a rapid pace in the world due to the role it plays in doing the work of other companies. Various devices and softwares are being used with the modern technology to achieve the growth development in companies. The devices are being designed to meet the purpose and work required in the company. This is why special program/softwares are required in doing the work which can be created by the software engineer. It is a challenging task of the developer to create such software according to our preference.

Why Digital Learning and Digital Education?

The question is often asked why digital education in classrooms? The answer is the change in lifestyle. Take a closer look at our lifestyle and how it has changed from when we were in school. Remember hand written letters to parents, friends and posting them? Playing in the locality park after school? Compare it with todays life than you will find that everything has changed. The playground has shifted to mobile apps, internet search, its all about smartphones, internet, playstations and xbox.

Appear for top class Promotional Pens

The distributing of pen is the best way for marketed your product or company logo simply you imprint the logo at the front of pen and distribute between the potential customers. Once you know situates where customers can be found, it really matters not where you deal out your promo items because you are allocating these items to the correct target market. However, several laces which are more strategic for the distribution of the promo products.

Why use the Printed Pens in trades

These pens are typically used for promotional dealings. Everyone used these pens for our daily life but the selection is the important for business promotion. They can serve the practical advertising tool. Utilizing the pen is the best way to attract the potential customers. Most of the business owners can also consider the Printed Pens as executive gifts for business connections and followers.

How To Hire Patent Lawyers

If you are planning to launch a product that is new to the market it is important to get a patent. There are several reasons why you should hire patent attorneys. Professionals in this field will help you to determine whether your idea is worth patenting. They will do a search to determine whether the idea is patentable. If your idea has already been patented by someone else then you should move on to another innovation.

Working With An Education Consultant Toronto To Help Young Students

Parents are their child's greatest advocate. When a concerned parent sees that their child is struggling in school the should waste no time in getting help. Hiring a good education consultant Toronto is the first valuable step. These experienced professionals are specially training to evaluate students to determine the exact nature of their problems and put together an individualized program to help them.

Perceiving The Aspects Of A Degree Engineering College in Gujarat

Gauging the abundance of engineering institutions in India along with the volume of engineers passing out from these centers, you are wobbled with one question. It is about the nation’s requisite for such an alarming number of engineers in parity with the related job opportunities. The confoundedness brought forth by these kinds of dicey questions has marred the education periphery a bit. There are different connotations for different connoisseurs. In a global era, the question about the necessity of such engineering abundance should rather be world-specific.

Online Selenium Training Provide Expertise In Software Testing

As world is progressing toward development, more sophisticated technologies are being used in companies for production to compete in the global market. Companies are using modern technology and devices in doing their work and increase the production. Modern devices can scale up the production and quality of the goods produced in the company. People are taking more scientific approach in getting their work done by making the machine automated. It requires skilled worker to do the work in the modern industries to produce the world class goods.

Free website for collect the test series for IAS prelims

The most significant advantages of global trading are probably those associated with the size and spread of operations. Economies of scope and scale allow for greater efficiency in current operations. Economies of scale provide not just lower unit costs, but also potentially greater bargaining power over all elements in the company's value chain. Economies of scope can allow for the sharing of resources across products, markets, and businesses.

Books for IAS exam are available online

The books of NCERT are very helpful for the IAS exam, UPSC exam and all other types of competitive exam as the movement of competitor companies to compete worldwide rather than purely nationally, and their ability to develop global strategies. The extent of international student homogeneity is a central issue affecting the economics of all industries and therefore the most viable strategies of firms competing within those industries.

Fashion Design Colleges in Texas Assure a Blooming Career in the Industry

If you are a fashion enthusiast and willing to pursue a career in the styling industry, you must be well aware that earning a diploma or degree is imperative. The courses offered at fashion design colleges in Texas exclusively cover different areas including interior design, merchandise marketing and management as well as visual communication. Irrespective of whether you opt for a full-time course or a part-time class, the programs will comprise of intensive study. With the classes being small, the teachers are able to lay emphasis on personal growth of all students.

New process on the Assignment Help Services

Education and learning is getting difficult with plenty of programs presented in the institutions and universities and institutions.  In this competitive world plenty of programs and curriculum has been presented that creates process of students challenging. This creates them to take help form the projects help companies and we are innovator in providing the same.


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