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Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. It is a form of risk management primarily used to hedgeagainst the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. An insurer, or insurance carrier, is selling the insurance; the insured, or policyholder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy. The amount of money to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage is called the premium. Risk management, the practice of appraisingand controlling risk, has evolved as a discrete field of study and practice.

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Why should you insurance your motor vehicle?

In India, it’s a mandatory to have an insurance cover if you wish to drive your vehicle on road. Every vehicle is insured upon a value based on the manufacturer’s price of the vehicle minus the depreciation costs as per the age of vehicle known as Insured Declared Value. The third party property damage is covered up to costs of around 7-8 lakhs for cars and Rs 1 -2 lakh for a two-wheeler. And there is not such limit on the cover for injury or death of the third party.

Top 3 Benefits of Using Business Insurance Broker

Finding the right level of Business Insurance can be a time-consuming and expensive task.  Especially when your business involves lots and lots of risk factors. For that reason, anyone considering business insurance coverage ought to first seek the advice of a good broker or agent

We have listed Top 3 reasons for which, you should hire a broker.


Cathedral City Insurance Service - Car, Health, Home, & Life Insurance

Dougmotz has been helping clan who are alert auto level of economic security guaranteed by government in the region. They are the outstanding engagement in activity application providers for service precaution in the area. They have been providing Home insurance in Indian Wells, CA at the exceptional rates. They have by the same token en route Life Insurance Awareness Month for the trade union masses.

Long-Term Care Insurance - Indio CA & Palm Desert CA

Doug’s father started his DOUGMOTZ coverage agency within the Palm Springs discipline, over forty years ago. We do considerable range of protections. DOUGMOTZ insurance company comprehensive and really many mannered staffs supply high-quality administrations and completely bolster the purchasers. We keep your kids and business future covered and cozy with encourages protection association. DOUGMOTZ coverage company presents business coverage round palm desert make certain about administrations and is not going to let you confront the disorders in future.

Life, Homeowner, & Car Insurance Quotes in Palm Desert, CA

We keep you ensure about the tenants protection in Rancho Mirage. In another country, you will be encompassed by security and emergency. Pet protection in Palm Springs is a delicate subject for some individuals. It doesn't have baffling and confounding. Doug Motz and his group of accommodating staff have been in the business protection industry for more than 30 years and have seen direction changes all through. On the off chance that you have any business protection related inquiries we can help discover an answer.

Home & Auto Insurance - La Quinta CA/Palm Desert CA

It is must note that demise profits by a wide range of disaster protection are normally pay tax-exempt. The Life Insurance Company gives a singular amount installment, In return for premium installments, called as a passing advantage, to gainful for the protected's demise. Accident protection in Palm Desert gives you select any life coverage approach for your great future. Life coverage is given in many structures. Life coverage term is intended to give us money related security for some timeframe. Term disaster protection is by and large less profitable than changeless life coverage.

Life insurance Singapore: Protects what you have got

Insurance can be a great investment tool and can be one of the best financial tools used for life planning. You can really benefit when you have the right type of insurance in your planning for everyday situations. There are various aspects to consider before getting a life insurance policy. Apart from the purely protection needs, life insurance policies, like whole and variable life insurance, offer the opportunity for tax-free investment and reaping dividends, and they have a built-in cash value.

How to have an edge over your term plans?

While Unit-linked Insurance plans are insurance-cum-investment tools, term plans are pure protection plans that offer high financial cover at a lower premium rate for a specific period of time. Generally, term insurance is straightforward plans with no maturity benefits. You pay a certain amount of premium for which you get covered for a certain number of years. If you were to meet an unfortunate incidence and die, your family will get the sum assured.

The Best Health Insurance around Palm Desert and saving plans

The modern insurance policy that we have today such as life insurance, life insurance provides financial insurance or protection against these risks. A life insurance policy is a bond with an insurance company. Generally, life insurance is select based on the requirement and goals of the owner. Auto insurance in Palm Desert generally provides security for some period of time as well as permanent Life insurance such as whole and universal life, provides lifetime insurance.

DOUGMOTZ Insurance Agency provides life insurance services around Cathedral City

DOUGMOTZ Insurance Agency is driving in encourages all sorts of protections arrangements. Business, Global, wellbeing and another sort of protections improve your future in the crisis cases. DOUGMOTZ Insurance Agency provides business insurance around palm desert ensure about administrations and won't let you confront the issues in future. To put the future safety of your adoring children, we are always here for you.

How to Buy the Right Term Insurance plans in India?

When we are speaking of buying the right insurance term insurance is something that always comes in anybody’s mind. You should always keep in mind that Insurance is actually financial protection against emergency and what you should look at the paying the insurance company is a price for it. The insurance company takes the risk on you behalf and refunds you with a claim amount depending on the sum assured. A regular term policy for continuation of the benefits needs to be renewed every year.

What Is The Best Way To Buy Motor Insurance Plans In India?

With the advent of online platform where you can compare a car or a bike has made the process of buying for regular customers very easy. Since the factors on the basis of which things can be compared are quantifiable so it becomes very easy for a regular customer even though they don’t understand the technicalities around a car or bike. Other than that online, auto magazine can be of great help, but when it comes to buying motor insurance for your car or bike things are quite though.

Why Finding The Right Medical Policy Is Important?

In an age where lifestyle is changing very fast and competitive work pressure making it more worse health hazard on a day to day basis would become a daily normal. Heavy traffic and unbearable pollution is adding more to the problem. Though the medical facilities have improved a lot in the country but because of these people are become sicker at an early stage of life. The constant need for right medical services is taking away large section of your wallet. Supported by a high level of medical inflation is pushing things forward.

Things That Makes You A Smart Car Insurance Policy Holder

A Car insurance is a critical thing from the perspective of safety and make oneself financially secure .Other than this , we all know car insurance is a regulatory requirement if you are car owner in India. In larger metros where car parking spaces are rarely available, we are always forced to park our cars or four wheelers outside our home or office premises which increases the chances of theft, car insurance can actually act as real saviour.The financial loss associated with the car theft can be easily recovered from the claim settled by the car insurer.

Making Smart Decisions While Buying Two Wheeler Insurance Policies

Typically in a country where only 17% to 18% of two wheelers are insured today we can still say that two wheeler insurance has not gained the traction like any other forms of insurance. Two wheeler insurance is a typical form of general insurance policy aimed at the providing two wheeler owners a cushion of comfort. in case the bike is stolen or in case you end up paying a high amount of money towards its repair.

How Online Travel Insurance Is A Smarter Way To Travel?

In fact any form of human activity has it inherent risks. People generally ignore it but if the risk is not planned well in advance the cost of repair can be quite high. This applies quite well to travelling also. People who are either leisure travelers or who travel quite often because of business needs are quite often faced with certain state of emergencies which if not planned well in advance can leads huge monetary losses. Loss of passport, theft of luggage or facing an accident in a foreign land can be quite disastrous.

Tips to Transfer Money Overseas Quickly, Cheaply and Safely

You may find that you need to transfer money abroad on a one-time basis or monthly and even weekly. Whatever your requirements, you may want to investigate and explore the best ways to transfer money, especially if you have never done so before.

Today, we’re sharing a few tips for transferring money abroad safely, quickly and at the lowest cost.

Being aware of how to transfer money involves a few key components:

•             Affordability

•             Safety and security

•             Reliability

•             Knowledge and common sense


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